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To clean or not to clean?
ALL LPs need cleaning 
New Sonus Faber Electa Amator 3...anybody heard these yet?
Going on 8 months with the EA3 and I have found my forever speaker.  I have them mated with the Sf Gravis II sub and it blends perfectly with the monitors.  My only gripe is with the crossover setting dial on the sub - graduations are not easily d... 
Running two MC275's in mono
rwd,Hmmm....I believe the MC275 in mono is 150 watts, or at least the Mk VI version is. 
mc275 tube options
I don't think your Emotiva is a good match with the MC275.  I have 2 MC275 and I use Gold Lion KT88 and 12AX7.  For the 12AT7 I use Seimans.  I am not sure but I think the branded Mc tubes are JJ Tesla. 
McIntosh mc275
Mc support is second to none.  I have owned many brands in my 40 yrs of audiodom and nothing comers close to McIntosh for all around satisfaction.  Let dealer handle the issue, may be as simple as a faulty fuse.  The unit did not leave the factory... 
Nakamich Service Info
I used ESL in CT for my ZX-7 - full rebuild.  8 months and $2100 later.....Contact with tech following OK for rebuild was beyond terrible. 
Blood On The Tracks MoFi UD1S
^  Of the top of my head I would guess maybe improper tone arm setup.  My MG WGOH sounds great, too! 
How much discount typically for a new MC275 to expect from a dealer?
You usually have to have a sales history with the dealer to get a discount. 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor - to grill or not to grill
Grills are very easy to restring - material can be bought from a fabric shop.  Just requires a bit of effort.  I would say ask for $150 reduction. 
New Sonus Faber Electa Amator 3...anybody heard these yet?
Had mine on order since 3/18 - dealer is waiting for the shipment to arrive.  They will replace my Cre. Auditor Ms and REL B1 
DC Offset Blocker/Killer - where to buy in the USA
You spend many $$$$ on the equipment yet you cry about spending $ to send to a service center when you probably have a service center near you that you could deliver to.  I have many pieces of McIntosh equipment that have been fault-free for years.   
DC Offset Blocker/Killer - where to buy in the USA
Instead of sending to McIntosh, send to another authorized service location that does not have a vested interest - Like Audio Classics.  Their service is top rated. 
Jimmy Page, It's time to call your lawyers?
Wasn't LZ "influenced" by Spirit? 
So disappointed in today's Americana
Give a listen to The Wild Feathers - Nashville based. 
SF Cremona Auditor M vs Harbeth 30.1
I have had my Cremona Auditor Ms for 8 yrs now and have tried to move on to another speaker but can't seem to better them in the sub $8K range.  I had a pair of Harbeth P2ESR in my work office setup nad was very pleased with their performance.  I ...