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speaker placement help
I can't seem to get a strong 50Hz and 40Hz but 30Hz is quite strong. All other frequencies appear equal by my ear.In other words, how can I improve my mid bass? Thanks for all your help. 
Pass Labs Service
Pass does have excellent customer sevice and I am loving my X250 and X1 combo.I do not regret purchasing any of my Pass gear and am planning to hold on to my Pass gear unless the bug bites earlier this time and then I would consider upgrading anyt... 
Pass labs x250 vs Classe CA301
I had a ca-201 and it was OK but I changed it for a Pass X250 due to reliability problems with the Classe components and I believe the Pass totally smokes the Classe. I would need more time and space to tell about all the reliability problems I've... 
speaker placement help
When I place my listening position equilateral from the distance of the soeakers from each other I get a wider sound stage but when I move the couch 31" back to the back wall I get a lower bass response which I like. Is it important to have the li... 
speaker placement help
Hales Transcendence 5's. 
PS Audio power plant owners advice please
So far 117Volts seems to be good for me. I find 120Volts to quick and bright sounding. Although the sine mode at 60 HZ is good and natural sounding, I see the charms of multiwave. 
I want peoples opinions on best ac conditioners
As I am moving to a house in 2 days and will be able to install a dedicated line, Would it make sense to with the PS Audio?Sutts, How much is your BPT2.5? From my research I got the impression that it was a good piece but pricey.How does the PS Au... 
Loosing dynamics with power plant
Thanks for your reply Stehno.I've noticed my system is sounding good today so I assume it must be either poor ac or perhaps my allergies blocking my ears from time to time.My X250 is connected to the Ultimate Outlet section of the P500 which is no... 
Voltage on PS Power plant make a difference?
I'm either loosing my mind again or there is a DRASTIC difference(in my system)by upping the voltage to 120V from 117V. Before I changed the voltage setting my sound had an artificial sound to it which I attributed to the P500. After living with t... 
Has anyone heard the Shunyata Cables?
What are the sonic differences between the Lyra and the Phoenix or Andromeda speaker cable. All the reviews I have read were on the Lyra and Aries.There are actually several recent rave reviews on this combo. 
Shunyata King Cobra V1 verses V2
Hi Gilas,You kind of contradict yourself as you say the King Cobra V1 and V2 are better than the Python and then you say the Anaconda is better than the King Cobra but the Python is 85% as good as the Anaconda.I guess my questin would be; Would I ... 
Has anyone heard the Shunyata Cables?
I recieved the Aries interconnects a few days ago and I truly think they sound awesome. In my system they are far superior to the Cardas Golden Cross. 
Has anyone heard the Shunyata Cables?
Hi Nighthawk,The reason I'm switching is that after upgrading my source, I've come to the decision that I may want to listen to more of my components and less of the cabling. It is my hope the Shunyata will give me a more"honest" less colored soun... 
Talk Electronics Thunder3.1 Balnced
I just recieved the Talk player about 9 hours ago and have been listening all day. It smokes the Classe CDP10 in evey way except maybe for the plastic remote. No bigy. It's not even nearly broken in and I'm so impressed that I have to recommend th... 
Power Port seems to hum
Yes I have asked this question on the PS Audio forum a few times.