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I am no longer getting MQA?
I am in Canada and don’t have Qobuz as an option not to mention that I have created a large library with Tidal. The sound is still good but not MQA. 
Anyone else loving Audio Art Cables?
Rob Fritz is an awesome guy with a good product. His cables started me on my total system upgrade. I highly recommended his cables.  
I love my Hales T5’s but what about Magico A3 or Vandersteen?
I am really enjoying my Hales. I think the larger T8’s would be too large for my music room. The T5’s seem to be a good choice for me. Perhaps one day I will listen to other speakers but I think my Hales T5’s are keepers. 
Sound variation from good to incredible?
I like to keep my Pass X250.8 power on but I turn it off once in a while. I find it takes about an hour to warm up but the amp likes to be powered on for several hours for best sound. 
PS Audio Directstream Dac so many for sale?
I am aware of the Mk2 version coming out but it will probably cost a fortune. I have a hunch the current DSD is worth keeping unless getting a serious upgrade $$$ 
Hales Transcendence 5’s slight discrepancy
They are back in place and sound incredible. I suppose after 21 years a few screws need tightening. I’m very pleased with how my speakers came out. The technician 18 years ago did a good job redoing the crossovers. I was prepared to spend up to$80... 
Hales Transcendence 5 speakers endgame?
I just got my Hales T5’s back from repair and tuning and they measure very well. More to the point they sound awesome. They are the only component I didn’t upgrade. The Hales are definitely keepers. 
Hales Transcendence 5’s slight discrepancy
The speakers have been tested and are very close to one another. I have several graphs that the technician sent me and the speakers measure well. The new built crossovers 18 years ago match the values of the original crossovers and still function ... 
Hales Transcendence 5’s slight discrepancy
It seems that the imbalance between tweeters was due to the speaker box’s themselves. The woofers also require repair. Instead of my Hales crashing in a year or more the rebuild and repair should keep the speakers sounding good for years to come. 
Good headphone amplifier
If you can find an Auralic Taurus Mk2 amp you would be doing well. I like the Auralic to the point that it was the only original component I kept as a spare to my Moon 430 ha amp. 
Hales Transcendence 5’s slight discrepancy
After much measured my technician told me that the speakers are in good condition. The new rebuilt crossovers redone 18 years ago were rebuilt properly and still match each other. The technician this time says that the crossovers parts are excelle... 
Do I need a power transformer?
I am getting the Keces so I will give it a go. If it’s an improvement that would be nice if not then I will sell it. Either way the excercise to try will be fun. 
Keces BP5000 Balanced Power Transformer?
The new Keces will ship end of June. Instead of 5000va the new model is 3600va. It will have 3000va with 4 outlets. I will run amp and headphone amp off the 3000va side. On one of the 300va(2 outlets) I will run my preamp and on the second 300va I... 
Hales Transcendence 5’s slight discrepancy
I am getting my crossovers rebuilt by a technician who builds speakers. He is measuring the components of the crossovers so that they match the values of the original crossovers but he will be using high end Mundorf parts. I have the original cros... 
Hales Transcendence 5’s slight discrepancy
I found a speaker builder, someone who sold me my speakers 21 years ago, who is going to measure and tune up and tighten my speakers so that they are in excellent shape. I even have the original crossovers for him to use as reference. I love my Ha...