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Speaker Cable Malarkey (“Ghost” Cables)
Interesting. Would there still be an effect if the wire was disconnected at both ends? Would the effect be different? 
Speaker Cables and Carpet
I added a second run of 12 gauge to the mids which is effectively like a 9 gauge cable. That seemed to do the trick in getting my midbass back! The highs are still a little rolled off but I’m going to hold off on doing anything. I’m sort of apprec... 
Threat of fire from audio equipment
I always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. I recommend everyone keep a fire extinguisher near their audio system.  
Group delay in subwoofers
@bdp24 Can you tell us more about the continuously-variable phase control. I researched a DIY phase control solution (not just a 180 switch) awhile back and couldn’t find anything on it. I actually convinced myself that the continuously-variable d... 
If I’m not mistaken, Sonic Craft will sometimes shut down when the guy goes on vacation or whatever, or am I thinking of VH Audio? I remember seeing text on the website about that once. Do you see that text right now? 
Connecting a sub which way to go
Ha! I came here to give you Paul McGowen’s answer: use a high level input for the sub. I appreciate the logic of it: whatever colorations or sonic signature your amp applies to the signal will also be applied to the sub and the speakers and sub wi... 
Difference in sound between day and night. Help!
I’ve noticed the same thing, OP. Music sounds better at night. There are a few things that might cause this:1) Less businesses operating which otherwise make for dirtier power lines. 2) Your perception physically changes. Afterall, it’s night time... 
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
I think the biggest reason is added cost. If you make a comparable amp to your competitor, you will price yourself out of the market if you mark it up $100 and include a better power cord. It also depends on the customer. It’s not like the amp suc... 
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
Thanks for the data, doitwithlife! 
Speaker Cables and Carpet
Not easily. It would involve ripping apart drywall or flooring, but it’s an option if I need to call for desperate measures.  
Speaker Cables and Carpet
Thanks for your help, elizabeth! 
Speaker Cables and Carpet
@kalali Good advice! There is another variable that has changed. The speaker cables have become longer. I need to verify the source of the problem before making changes.  
Speaker Cables and Carpet
Correct, the cables are under a layer of carpet. I’m pretty sure cable risers would help a lot, but then I would lose the clean look I’m going for. Are there other solutions than cable riser? Or is there a way to incorporate cable risers and keep ... 
Speaker Cables and Carpet
I’m out of chicken feet! Doubly so for magic ones.  
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
Or maybe it’s just one giant AI unit, that posts everywhere under fake identities.Hahaha, plot twist: we’re all arguing with one AI who’s trying to gaslight us.