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The Linn Karousel bearing.
Karousel is an upgrade I'm interested in, having heard it on YouTube.  I don't have any of the newer sub-chases.  Would that fact prevent me from getting the Karousel?  I do have the Cirkus bearing. 
Ported versus sealed speakers: is one type better?
I don't even consider ported speakers, although maybe a speaker with a passive radiator, I wouldn't automatically disqualify. 
Best debut album
I forgot King Crimson's "In the Court of the Crimson King". 
Best debut album
I agree with Zeppelin and Doors. 
Best debut album
Quicksilver Messenger Service. 
Best debut album
Boz Scaggs.  It has Duane Allman on guitar in "Loan me a Dime". 
I'd like to hear recommendations for Turntables under $5,000
I don't think you can avoid listening to the new Technics 1200(both of them), before you decide on a turntable.  Just on YouTube, I found its presentation to be a viable alternative to other presentations(from other turntables). And I am someone w... 
Brand new to vinyl: Help!
I agree with perkri.  What you will learn about setup will be necessary for your next turntable, if you decide to go that way.  I really enjoyed listening to what each parameter does(VTA, anti-skate, cartridge alignment, VTF,etc.) 
Digital vs Vinyl: The winner is ??
See what I have to say about it on comments to that video. 
TECHNICS 100th Anniversary 2018 Premium Turntables. Their best ever.
Moonglum, I believe the YouTube video of vocals shows the Caliburn to flesh out the song more than the Technics 1200G. 
Looking for the best moving coil cart that is around $5K used
Papafrgog, I wouldn't worry so much about what others here say regarding your Linn.  First, I got to hear needledrops on PinkFish Media that, to me, showed me that a Linn Lp12 was the best of the bunch, which included an SME and the old Technics d... 
Looking for the best moving coil cart that is around $5K used
I agree with tooblue.  Although the rewards might not come immediately, and it may require work on your part, I believe $5,000 is too much to spend on a cartridge, when your turntable seems to be a limiting factor(I have to admit to not being a fa... 
Rega RP8 or Technics SL1200G
I'm not talking intellectual(i.e. using your mind to come to a conclusion), and I'm also not in the market, so it's a less important subject to me compared to others.  What I am talking about is listening to the RP8 and the RP6 on YouTube.  In tha... 
Rega RP8 or Technics SL1200G
Avanti, I don't think the RP6 is in the same league as their RP8. 
Rega RP8 or Technics SL1200G
I just listened to Fremer's Coliburn versus the new Technics direct-drive.  It was hard(I might have even gotten them mixed up.) to hear a difference.  I heard it on YouTube, but I would still advise listening in person.  The areas that might diff...