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Any vets among the Audiophiles here?
US Army 2/69 - 12/71I thought an Akita was an expensive wolf. 
Let's hear about Elrods new Silver or Gold cables
Bostonbean - Are you saying I would be better off spending $3000 on a Siver Statement PC than upgrading my Dali Ikon 6 speakers to a $3000 pair of Triangle Antal Ex? I find that hard to swallow. (And I do use aftermarket PCs from PSA, Zebra, Signa... 
whats more important-speaker or pre-amp cable?
+2 Newbee 
Novice looking for advice
High R2WAs you desribe yourself as a novice, if you live in a in/near a city that has a high end audio retailer(s), go visit one or more stores and see if you can hook up with an honest salesperson. I am not talking about Best Buy here. If you can... 
Subwoofer resonance isolation platform vs footers.
The only experience I have is with what I'm using on carpeted floor. It does tighten up the sound (eliminates "boom").> 1/2" MDF board (a shelf from my equipment isolation rack)> 4 small Black Diamond Racing Cones between MDF and subSub is a... 
Best Surround Reciever Under $500 used
Onkyo 705Onkyo 805 (I have seen some for like $475)Mike 
Are There Any Good, High Power Solid State Amps?
Hi Louisl.Unless you have upgradeitis, you might try the Autoformer described above before spending lots of $$$ on a new amp(s).Here's the link: 
HDMI 24bit 192khz Playback using AVR
Hi Ig.Why not use the Denon as your preamp? Are you running a seperate pre and amp for your main speakers for stereo music only? Mike 
Best HT starter system?
Hi Loki.Several years back, I put together a 5.1 system for my ex-wife: 603s up front and 601s in the rear. They were driven by a Yamaha 100w x 5 avr. This was in a room a little smaller than yours. The B&Ws are excelent. Problem is, I don't t... 
USB DAC set-up to PC w/ Sound Blaster
Hi Lindisfarne.Which Soundblaster do you have - the "Live! 5.1"?Adding a USB DAC will not affect your soundcard unless you disable it. Most people do. One does not need an external DAC with an upscale soundcard (which has its own quality DAC). IMH... 
The old timers give the young'ns tips on the 60s.
Suzi QuatroGrand Funk RailroadSly and the Family StoneMountainYoung RascalsQucksilver Messenger CompanyYardbirdsByrdsThe AnimalsDave Clark Five Traffic The Supremes Simon & GarfunkleJames Gang 
Rotel RMB-985 or new Amp?
Hi Dave, Unless you have a problem with the sound as is, I see no reason to change the amplification.Mike 
Best USB cable...
I just ordered a Wireworld from The Cable Company. This will replace my Belden High Performance Pure AV. I'll post a report once the Wireworld breaks in a bit. 
Two-channel is inferior to multi-channel, no?
Hi PMC neil.You might want to take a look at the "What do you think" thread at the top of this page,Mike 
power amp question
Hi Danovak.Why not stay with Rotel for an additional amp? Mike