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HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
Brown Audio Labs. hands down. 
Looking for the best Preamp with a phono circuit built in
+1 on Brown Audio Labs SP1b 
When do you turn off the tubes?
Common Sense or Voodoo ? 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
Way to many to list or recall but currently -AR-11Kef 105 IB&W Matrix 1 
Speaker suggestions
Over the last 5 years I've been through hundreds of speakers...all used all what most here will define as mid grade.but not all...There are TONS of speaker choices and price ranges.one good speaker is the AR11(Acoustic Research)a tad better than t... 
Catastrophic Accident! What To Do!?
Slow down a minute.put the old set of tubes in it and turn it on. if it functions then use what you have til your ready willing and able to buy whatever tubes you want.and set the damn thing on a table and towel before fiddling with it.it’s a mino... 
Technics Turntables...really???
I have a 1200s and need some mods and possible repairs done to it. Who should I use for this service ? 
Using Maple Butcher Block Under a Turntable
geoffkait is the resident king of b.s replies.wait for it... 
Where do you guys buy the cable sleeping for cables?
cheap as chips on -bay.... 
New KEF Reference 5 speakers
One would hope that the dealer would allow you to demo the same frontend that was used in their demo room.A process of elimination is in order here.Don't wait til the warranty has elapsed with an extended "break-in" period. 
Most Beautiful Receiver / Integrated - Ever was... ?
Excellent thread. 
Can upgraded power cords help my setup?
EVERY time I read a power cable or speaker wire thread the same conclusion is drawn-The o.p. learns to- NEVER ask the question ever again because there is no"correct" answer. 
They Almost Never Quote A Price , Why?
listing the price can scare off prospects. 
12 ft pair of thick speakers cables?? Can they be cut downt to a 6 ft pair??
 I read on Mapleshade Audio list of audio tweaks that speaker cables should be 10 feet or longer. The 10 foot plus cable supposedly sounds way better than cable less than 10 feet.  You can go to the Mapleshade audio website for more information.an... 
Cartridge Man pin colors
Are cartridge pin positions industry standardized?