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Speaker Pairing - First Watt F8
I would think Cornwall IV’s. As I’m reading your post I’m checking off boxes with each sentence. I’ve had very good results with lower power Pass amp, XA25 and Cornwall’s I think they are a fantastic combination, so much so I was thinking of getti... 
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
I have removed my Pass XP-12 from the chain in my system. Aurender A30 direct to my X260.8’s gives a more detailed and open sound, more air and separation, while not being harsh or fatiguing. The preamp adds more rounded sound, more full or lush s... 
What Holiday Gifts did you ask for or Give to Yourself?
A new pair of Synergistic Research speaker cables.   
Aggrivated tinnitus from speakers?
My Tinnitus started with a pair of KEFs, LS150metas. I wont blame the speakers though, more likely the Shingles vaccine I got earlier in the week. I’ve since tweaked the system, changed DAC and speakers, room treatments and played with cables. I l... 
Time To Upgrade My Digital Front End
I went down the typical stream progression. First blusound Node, then Lumin U1 mini with Pontus II, both streaming Roon. I was interested in better sound quality and purchased a Aurender A15. I thought I would miss Roon but I do not. The Conductor... 
Aurender Conductor app reliability and user experience
I use an Aurender A15. I very much like the Conductor app. I’ve never had any issues. Coming from Roon with my last setup, Lumin U1 mini and a Denafrips Pontus, the A15 is a big improvement in sound and reliability. I missed Roon initially because... 
Your experience with Synergistic Research Foundation SX speaker cables?
I have been using the SR30 speaker cables for a while. I just spent some time with the Atmosphere SX Excite cables I demoed from Scott Walker Audio. I was very impressed with the improvements. I’m considering the Foundation as the price point is h... 
When are speakers considered Hi-Fi and not Mid-Fi???
I consider my Cornwall IV’s hifi, although I considered them higher hifi before I changed my system around and upgraded to Magico A3’s. Some might say those are not hifi as they are at the bottom of Magico’s line. Both are wonderfully entertaining... 
Streamers made in America?
Most of my gear is not only made in America but here in my (terrible) home state of California. Pass Labs, Magico, Synergistic Research all California made, but my streamer is from Korea, Aurender. I’d love to have a top notch American made stream... 
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
I’ve had Sansui, Kenwood and Pioneer SX receivers for quite a while. My SX1250 is still what I use for casual listening in my gym area but for critical listening it does not compare to my main system. They sure do look cool though.   
Recommend A New DAC Between $1000 and $2000
Denafrips PontusII was very good for me.   
Made in USA
Being from California, I like to keep it close to home. Actually most of my main system is also from California. Pass Labs Preamp and Mono blocks. Magico speakers and Synergistic Research cables. All good companies all relatively nearby.   
What is the current retail cost of your reference system?
More than I should have but less than I would have liked to.   
Pass Labs Speaker Choices
I was using Klipsch Cornwall IV’s with my XA25/XP12 system. I enjoyed the sound but wanted more. In came the X260.8’s and a set of Magico A3’s. I very much enjoy the combination. I do not have the experience of most here but the sound is amazing t... 
Does an Audioquest Niagra 1200 limit amplifier dynamics?
My AQ1200 does not seem to limit my Pass X260’s. I do feel the overall system sounds better with the 1200 than without.