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HoloAudio STREAMER is out now
Qobuz is no problem for me with Bubble and selecting HQPlayer as the renderer. Using Red as NAA and 1.4/1.5 MHz 20 Bit PCM playback into Holo May KTE via USB.  
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
Check out the PS Audio forum, DirectStream Memory Player. 
Help choosing an amp for Thiel 2.7s
For many years, Audio Research tube pre, Classe amplification and MIT cabling is what was highly recommended with Thiels. I used a Ref 1, CA400, MIT Ref350 interconnects and 850ref speaker cables with Thiels CS5i's. 
speakers for first watt j2
Reference 3A MM de Capo I or later, you will also need a good pair of stands. 
Room correction - what device works best?
As others have stated you should do some physical room correction first.This is advice based on my experiences;Treat first reflections, front/back wall, corners and wall ceiling junction.You will need a measurement device, highly recommend the Omn... 
Amps under $5k that are resolving at low volumes?
I would concur that the Maggies may be the main factor with the low level resolution.Having owned 3 different pair, low level detail is not what they are about.If you are after low level resolution I would recommend full range electrostatics or ho... 
Why so many PS Audio DirectStreams for sale?
Not uncommon, M51's, Vegas, Dspeakers all come and go in waves at times.Owning a DS, I will say that it demands a lot from the owner to get the full potential out of it, patience is a virtue. 
Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioner
Cinepro, out of business, but used around $500, Power Pro20,also made by Furman, search Ebay for balanced power. 
DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 - Where in Signal Chain?
The best place for the attenuators in my system was before the power amp.You can place the attenuators wherever you want to try them.The best place for the AM for me was in the digital path between my BDP-1 and PS Audio DS via USB cable.I ran ever... 
DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 - Where in Signal Chain?
I cannot exactly recall, but I think that buried in the tools menu there are also settings for the analog and digital output levels. 
DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 - Where in Signal Chain?
I worked through all of your options with the exception of the record out connection.Your collection of Hi-Rez source material obviously prohibits you from inserting the AM anywhere in the digital path. Which is the only place that it worked at an... 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
Its good to hear that you did give the DS a go direct. I also use a PS Power Base. Are you using a footer to couple the DS to the Base, or is the DS resting on its own feet? I found that a " bearing " type footer brings out the best of the DS with... 
Monolith III's or CLS IIZ's Pros and Cons
Still owning 3 pair of CLS first generation that are stored away. I can say that the CLS with a Depth was some of the most beautiful music that I ever experienced, especially with vocals. While the original CLS and the CLSIIz are different animals... 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
Owning a DS running Pikes Peak and having previously owned a Ref 1, which was replaced by a MUCH better pre, which was outdone by running the DS direct to my amps, I have to ask you if you have tried your DS direct? To obtain the full potential of... 
upgrade to SQ D homeline ?
Without knowing all of the details, if you are set on Square D,( I like square D ) go with a NEMA 3R NQ Panelboard. This may be a bit of a stretch for a residential electrician to grasp. You want to insist on QOB ( bolt in breakers, not QO plug on...