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Seeking Ten Years After song
Qdrone, have to agree. I have an original 1st pressing of Cricklewood Green from back in the day, it's very good. Lee's playing still thrills me. 
Rush Live in 2013 - Clockwork Angels
Huge Rush fan, have almost everything they've ever done, mostly on LP but some CD's. Was disappointed by the CA tour vid I saw on tv. They're musicianship is beyond reproach but I felt the songwriting was weak on this one. 
Hot Tuna "S/T"
Another LP to watch out for if you don't already have it is "Hot Tuna- Final Vinyl" on the Grunt label. Mine has the Kendun mastering mark on the run out, and as many of you know, some feel the Kendun mastered Rumors by Fleetwood Mac is the one to... 
Belles 150A ref V2 vs Bryston 4BSST2
I have a Belles 350A (not Reference model). I think it depends on what you're pairing it with. My preamp is a Joule Electra LA 150 Mk2, and absolutely no fatigue when listening for hours. The Belles in this system is in no way bright, analytical, ... 
Review: Salk Sound SoundScape 8 Speaker
Same here Bob, the open-back was new to me and it took awhile to decide I liked the unstuffed back. Had to move the speakers further into the room as then everything snapped into place, with both a wider and deeper soundstage> The instrument or... 
Review: Salk Sound SoundScape 8 Speaker
Hey, I ain't old (not mentally anyways, ) LMAO!!! 
Review: Salk Sound SoundScape 8 Speaker
Well, my SS'8s have been playing music for about three weeks now and I think theyre incredible. Wondering how much better these will get after a good break-in period. I've put around 100 hours of music through them now, and the treble has improved... 
PMC vs. Salk Sound Speakers. Which is better?
Jax, thanks for letting me know my refutation of your pointless screed caused you to post that last bit of idiocy, lmao!!! 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - John Foggarty
Very interesting Mofi. 
If you wanted to impress someone, which track?
Simao, I have Zero 7's "When It Falls" CD and couldnt agree with you more. 
D&D 's
Have to agree with Wc65mustang. 
Another factor is that some of the sound reinforcement companies are providing their services at more than one venue at a time and have different teams at different locations. Not every concert will have the "A" team doing the sound. 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - John Foggarty
CCR's original stuff was full of meaning for me as in high school I played in rock bands that did a lot of covers of their material. I left college after two years and got sent to Vietnam where the song Better Run Through the Jungle was a big hit ... 
What time do you wear?
And like my previous post, this is germane to high-end audio how? Hope none of you bought your Rolex or Patek Phillipe off a trailer at midnight straight from Albania, lmao. 
PMC vs. Salk Sound Speakers. Which is better?
Also Jax, read the last line again of my previous post.