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+1 on @carlsbad2 comment. Seriously OP, get off the caps lock. This isn’t your first offense. Mods should delete any threads where folks do this.  
What is the forums opinion of SVS subs?
YouTuber Nemo Propaganda does a good job of doing explaining the differences between the two brands. Might want to check him out. I too had a hard time with REL’s specs as on paper they don’t seem impressive. It’s hard to explain, you kind of have... 
Focal Sopra No 3 vs Goldenear Triton One.R
Those two speakers aren’t even in the same league. Sopra 3 are like four times the cost of the One.R. In a similar vein, I listened to the References back to back against the Kanta 2s in the same room on the same system. Kanta walked all over the... 
Wilson tiny tots
Wilson’s usually require good amplification which is driving some of the comments. If your TV has an optical output then get an integrated that has a built in Dac so you can use that. You’ll just need to configure the TV output to down mix multi c... 
15 ohm speakers yea or nay?
@yogiboy, how do the Q7 compare to the P3. Which crossover did you go with?  
Zu Audio Dirty Weekend 6 starts tomorrow 09/01/22
Yeah, Zu pricing has gone up so much in the past five years or so that I’ve kind of written them off. I realize inflation is a thing but they’ve moved up several price tiers and are no longer a compelling value.  
Tetra speakers
I came across two pair at a yard sale. They were called Rebels I think and looked kind of DIY. Very small towers like 24" high. Never got to hear them but was curious, just didn't need any more speakers.   
Preamp/DAC Suggestions
Looks like all your sources are digital so why not get a Dac with source switching and variable output (volume control) to drive your power amp. There are many in your price range. The Dac essentially becomes the preamp.  
What does Q mean in speaker specifications?
To the point on sealed subs, I noticed one HSU model allows one to adjust the Q. Not sure how it all works but seems interesting. Still digesting this concept, thanks to all for your explanations here in this thread:). @yogiboy, that was fast! Co... 
What does Q mean in speaker specifications?
This is all great information. You learn something new everyday. @yogiboy are you planning to order the Q7s?  
Kanta No.1 vs Olympica Nova 1?
Honestly, it would be up to personal preference. I will say for me it would be the Olympia Nova all the way and this is coming from a Kanta 2 owner. SF standmounts sound fantastic!  
Move from Parasound A23 to A21/A21+ or Something Else?
Hello @christianb5s4, I can say the amp has broken in nicely and I am liking it more everyday. The grain has smoothed out and the amp sounds much more balanced than out of the box. How would I describe it with the is detailed without ... 
Can a set of Ls50 metas surpass or equal a set of Kef blade metas with subwoofers
I’m going to go out on a limb and say probably not depending upon the room size. To preface, I’ve not heard the Blade or the LS50 Meta. However, I have compared my orignal LS50s to my Focal Kanta 2s in my main room. The LS50s with an Hsu 15" seal... 
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
Probably because retro is cool. I got back into audio about 15 years ago and started buying records because they were super cheap at the time. Then it became hip and the prices shot up like crazy. Glad I got a collection going before the madness. ... 
Best Smaller Bookshelf Speakers For Use Exclusively With Ambient Music?
I listen to a lot of the music you listed. DCD can have tons of bass depending upon the track. Do you have to have stand mounts? A small tower occupies the same space and will give you more extension. Otherwise, I’d look for a three way standmount...