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Problem with Esoteric service
Buy a return ticket to Tokyo (currently $823) and take it as luggage. Do some sightseeing and enjoy some sushi while they service it, get a free trip to Japan and save $1177 (or pay UPS $2,000 to do the same thing 🙂) And if you don’t have the tim... 
Hum from devices.
Plug all of your equipment into the same socket using an adapter ... this is probably a ground loop issue and using the same earth point for all your equipment (which a single point of plug in will do) should solve it. 
Checking power transistors 
How to convert FLAC to WAV ?
"With USB and Firewire interfaces, Yes."Any logic to why a particular interface would make a WAV sound better? 
Subwoofer Crossover Setting with B&W 805S
Buy a Lyngdorf RP-1 and let it tell you what you should be doing, based on the acoustics of your room. 
How to convert FLAC to WAV ?
Use DBPoweramp and read the manual - as they say, experience is what you get if you don't read the manual... 
EL 34 Amp Recommendations
If you can stretch to around $3500 (!) buy a used Wolcott Presence amp. Tremendous sound and auto biasing of the EL34 tubes . 
Fremer lays an Ostrich egg...
Try reading Fremer's review of the Whest 0.20 phono stage for a laugh... First says that it is better than the Boulder, then backtracks furiously, then every Whest phono stage he has since reviewed is so-so.If you haven't realized that some of the... 
Designer Hall of Fame
Giovanni Mariani, of Graaf fame, should definitely be on this list.Anyone with the balls to design a 32 driver tube OTL amp like the GM200 has got to have a place on the Designer Hall of Fame! Nothing quite like it from an audio performance, sheer... 
Center channel for esoteric mg-20's
These are without any doubt, some of the best imaging speakers ever built. You do NOT need to use a center channel speaker with them. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
I have to agree with all pf the OTL recommendations (Atma-sphere, Joule Electric, etc.)I have a Graaf GM200 that I intend to take with me to my grave and have two replacement sets of the PL504 output tubes (64 in total) stored that I will need to ... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Wilson Benesch Bishops, driven by Graaf GM200 amp. 
Opinions on Graaf Amps
Replacing the entire set of 32 tubes on the GM200 costs an extremely reasonable 500 Euro for a matched set from the factory (you really want to order them from the factory as close matching is absolutely necessary). This is hardly expensive, espec... 
Graaf Amplifiers Factory closed down
The Graaf factory has NOT closed down. I called the number in Italy this morning that is on their web site and spoke to someone about order a set of new tubes... 
Good speakers at low volume?
Well, how big is your apartment? There are probably no better low-level speakers available than the Soundlab electrostatics... :-)I believe that it has to do with their patented spacing of the cells that make up each panel. Just amazing to listen ...