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Jolida Fx10
They generate a lot of heat. I think the glass enclosures look nice (you may think otherwise) but they do mitigate the risk of inadvertent fingertip burns. I have small kids so I think about thinks like that. 
Wadia displays too tiny
Wadia want for several grand? 
NAD vs. Cambridge Audio
NAD, hands down. The Cambridge models I've heard have a certain annoying shrillness to them. The Rega Apollo might also be worth hearing although it might be 2-300 dollars more. You won't go wrong with the top of the line NAD models. 
looking for interconnect under 200 dollars
I really enjoy my LAT International 300s. I used Audioquest which sounded horrible and Chord Company Cobras which were slightly muffled. New exceeds this price point but you can find used ones on this site. 
Best turntable setup for under $300
I am not a Vinyl person but I did note that Stereophile had a review of a fairly inexpensive turntable-cartridge combo in this month's edition. MSRP was just under four Franklins. 
int-amp for Paradigm Studio-20s?
My Paradigm 20s sound terrific with a 10 wpc tubed amp. They would sound even better with more substantial tubed amps. 
Rega apollo v NAD 565 BEE comparsion Others?
Both are excellent machines. Dead on with observations. The NAD is, I think, better than the Cambridge Audio and is a lot less $$. (I have the Rega.) 
int-amp for Paradigm Studio-20s?
I have these as my second system. They were in my office and now have them in my bedroom. I use a Jolida 10 watt tubed amp (model FX-10). I bought it for $450 and think it sounds amazing. You'd save a tun of money and I think you'd really enjoy th... 
Best interconnects for Rotel 1072cd player
ICs seem so subjective.I was using The Chord Company's Cobra series from my REGA Apollo to my Unico Hybrid int amp. Very accurate but a touch muffled on the transients. I then bought a paid of Audioquest cables from this site. Absolutely hated the... 
high end subwoofer...which one tho?
If price isn't an object (nor is floor weight), check out the new Paradigm Sub Two. It has six speakers and something like 3400 watts from its amp. The initial reviews are amazing. They have apparently aimed right at the high end REL and Fathom bu... 
New spreakers sound great But
How new is "new?". May be a break in matter. My home speakers were very muffled on the bass until about 200 hrs of use. 
Paradigm Mini Monitors v.5
I have the Studio series 10 ver 5 in my office. I am very familiar with the B&W product. Night and day. Paradigm costs a lot less too. 
USB DACs with 24/192 via USB
The CES is demo'ing $20,000 DACs which might have one percent less jitter than the VDAC or the GRT Plus. 
Warm to Neutral Speaker Cables under $800?
Stay away from Audioquest, Hideous. Ultralink is a nice brand and is a good bargain. There seems like little relationship betw value and cost with wires. Heard garbage that folks have spent lots on and have heard great sound from lower cost produc... 
step up from rotel?
Could switch to Emotiva or Wyred for Sound -- both of which would be upgrades imho