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Integrated amp recommendation
You should be able to find a used CREEK EVO 100A for ~$1000 (or less). I used one with Joseph RM25XL speakers and now with the "bit power hungry" Magnepan LRS+. The amp/speaker combo is great with either combination. Some reviews follow.   https... 
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
I own a pair of  Joseph Audio Perspectives (graphene), 36" and wonderful. I have a pair of Joseph RM25XLs for sale ($1500), ~42" tall and they are wonderful, better than anything else you ... 
Best sounding FM table radio ever made...
Favourite Guitarists
forgot ... John Renbourn / Bert Jansch Stefan Grossman    
Favourite Guitarists
if "taste" is in the running versus "flash" ... Richard Thompson (if you've seen him LIVE, you'll understand) Stephane Wrembel (see previous comment) Bruce Cockburn (OK, but try ... Grant Green Bill Frisell    
Are advances in technology making speakers better?
hmmm ... history AR-2 Rectilinear III ADS 730 Joseph RM25XL Joseph Perspective2 at every step, noticeable difference (I think I'm done and quite happy with the latest) and then there are Magnepan LRS in the basement and waiting for LRS+ but tha... 
Gallagher has passed away.
i'm eating a watermelon as a sign of respect.  
Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?
sure, buy my rosewood Joseph RM25XLs ... they are used, but are in 9.99/10 condition and for $1500 you'd be hard pressed to find anything better  
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
recent ... Joseph Perspective2 Graphene Creek Voyage i20 Creek Voyage CD already had ... Clearaudio Emotion SE turntable with Clearaudio Maestro v2 Ebony cartridge I'm done (forever)      
Looking for Speaker Recommendations
recent purchase ... Joseph Perspective 2, wonderful ... paired with CREEK Voyage i20 ... ... and 
Is blasphemous Music ok?
Britney Spears
Britney Spears via Richard Thompson ...      
Favorite religious song
Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag      
High quality CDs
Reference Recordings ... try ... Anything on LINN ... especially any of the Kuniko marimba recordings ... https... 
What is your favorite cover?
Satisfaction ... Cat Power ...   Things We Said Today ... Morgo Timmins ...   Return of the Grievous Angel ... Lucinda Williams & David Crosby for...