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Tekton versus Klipsch
I have the Electron SEs and they kick serious butt, Sure mine surpass the bigger stock form DIs. Its a better parts thing. The DI speaker also offers the SE option. 
Gripped By Upgrade Fever
paul6001Apartment living and audio usually a bad fit. Floor standers deliver bass and need room to bloom, sound their best. Your better off staying smaller with what you have I feel.  
Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?
Well rebuilt Ohm Fs are the bomb. Perhaps 25 years too early for any power amp of the day to drive, sure would like a second chance at that. Always was like walking on eggshells/rice paper.  
Who does Krell KSA-150 rebuilds/recapping ??
spitfun 1I passed on the KSA-150 and went smaller with a Ksa-50s ..... is working great on my Electron SE speakers. Still would prefer the Krell factory if ever needed, they do not seem to respond well. *** Anybody with Krell Service info please s... 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
Where does one go for service once pos dies ???  
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
Smarten TFU ..... damn man!! This is what Chinese audio does best ... so they think. Cheap knock-offs of anything they sell is just that, fake, cheap, or full of lead. THEY could give a SH*& less either, never trust them bastards period!! Chop... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
ANY correctly refurbished Ohm F ....  
Ohm Walsh 4 conundrum.
Mapman is a long standing Ohm man like I once was. I personaly miss the model F. my favorite for years. Wish I had a good pair to hook-up to todays power amps etc.I did however "try to upgrade" to the 4.3000 series on my stock 4XOs. Ohm offers a g... 
Tekton First Time Buyer Prospect Seeking Advise from Tekton Owners
Give the Lore a trial, I think Eric and crew still has his sale on. A very generous home trial with free shipping. I returned the Enzo XLs for the Electron SE and must say "I nailed it" .. and very pleased. 
Speaker suggestions under 4k
mofojo  GIK are a awesome product, serious results obtained, I have 4 big corner traps, in each corner, GIK offers a 2" version also. They Work dammit.My Audio Basement Cave consists of a 20 x 12.6 x 7 space, my audio domain.\ 
Speaker suggestions under 4k
To Mofojo,I would ask you to discribe your room/listening space firstly. Any wall treatments, carpet, ceiling tiles etc. I mention this only because you mention a hardening upon loud levels. My finger wants to point to the Crown amp on this. Far b... 
How a pair of Mark Levinson ML2 stands with the best amps today ?
Thanks George for a outstanding read and rememberence things Mark Levinson!!  
Please help with Ohm MWT sound/system issues
Hard to believe the original owner never used them but, suppose its possible. I ordered new cans from Ohm the 4.3000 series to replace my 4XOs a year ago. Dead, dull, dark murky upon first listen, and it never changed. I kept waiting an waiting fo... 
REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab
Sorry folks nothing aggressive here with Tekton Electron SE run by Krell 50S ... a 50 watt Class A gem. I can Imagine Millercarbons Moab to be stellar. The Tekton isnt a in your face loudspeaker in the Klipsch horn vein. If I were younger alas wou... 
Do speaker wires matter
Vintage Marantz recievers are usually only capable for 8 ohm loads, and those cheesy spring clips to hold speaker wire suck. I suppose you could run Speltz anticables with bare Amp ends, but your still at 26 watts of power.