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Best Turntable for the Price - Linn Basik
minor course correction, lest this thread go further into a ditch.  the Basik is/was an non-suspended, original Linn design.  the LP-12, was, AFAIK, a copy of the Ariston, which was of course an evolution of the original AR 3-point suspended desig... 
Best Turntable for the Price - Linn Basik
recently bought a Basik with Basik Plus arm as an extra TT and pandemic project.  also have a modded Systemdek IIX with Akito2 so plan to swap arms and carts for fun and variety.  main TT is currently a SL-1500c.  FWIW I've owned more than a dozen... 
Bearing oil for Linn Basik?
Singer sewing machine oil 
cartridge for Thorens TD 147 with TP 16 Mk III
high compliance cartridge for the low effective mass arm. the M91ED w/ SAS stylus is an outstanding suggestion.let me also suggest a pro-ject speedbox II as a great upgrade for this table 
What would happen if Maggie and Wilson Mated?
you would be able to hear them a half mile away.... 
Celestion Ditton 44 Speakers
back to the celestion ditton 44s - what is a suitable drop-in tweeter replacement? i found a pair of these but the tweeters are on their way out. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
the cure "the head on the door," dirty three "horse stories," and tsuyoshi yamamoto "midnight sugar" 
Baby name opinion....
the names lemonjello and orangejello are a part of the urban legend of many, many u.s. hosptals with maternity wards, esp. larger facilities/university hospitals.consider lanugo or fontanel for a girl's name, meconium for a boy, though not audio r... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
sufjan stevens "come on feel the illinoise," stan getz et al. "getz au go go. 
MHI Evidence Speaker???
have a pair breaking in now, and so far my experience mirrors that of the review. bi-wiring has a positive effect. took a chance and bought based upon the review, as there are no dealers anywhere near me. pleasantly surprised, as i had long contem... 
Jackson Browne's "Time the Conqueror"
Sfar, bravo for pointing out hypocrisy. 
Looking for good quality vintage speakers
totally go vintage, you're young and have many years to develop the disease of over-intellectualizing "audiophilia nervosa" and/or "mmtb syndrome." just have fun for now. i had a PMA-777 under my arm when i came home from the navy back in the 80s.... 
Arcam Alpha 7 - Worth Keeping or Selling
the amp is a snap to disassemble. the pot should be easy to replace, but if it is a remote-controlled unit, it may be costlier and/or a challenge to source. 
whats the best amplifier for me??
by a strange coincidence, the one i'm selling. 
Herbie's mat with NAD 533
FWIW if i had a 533 i would give serious consideration to the $59 acrylic platter currently offered on this site (no affiliation whatsoever). no mat needed, LP directly onto the acrylic AFAIK, so it takes that variable out of the equation. after t...