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Changing from my pl600 (silver, DD) but I have shaky hands
I have a PL-630 and love the unit. I had a local electronics tech in the Dallas area replace all the capacitors/resistors - nothing else was required and I suspect there is a tech that could handle that task for you locally. Shipping the turntable... 
What to do with a large collection
Even if you could take anything with you, your arms would be so stiff, you could not get them into your pockets.   
Which Steely Dan Aja lp to buy?
I was a rep for Maxell back then, so audio tape was always prevalent and usually free or cheap.  
Which Steely Dan Aja lp to buy?
I have a 1977 ABC yellow label version of Aja that I purchased new that year. Is this the original pressing, or how can I tell? I just looked at the LP and it looks like new- I recall that I typically recorded both cassettes and R t R copies when ... 
50 ways to leave your lover
I am with @soix on wacky jazz time sigs. 7/4 is not intuitive to me. If I was ever playing on time in that signature, it was an accident, and found out the hard way sitting in with a jazz group a couple of times. My best performance was serving th... 
What is your most fond musical memory.
Thanks to all for the excellent posts and trips down memory lane. Clearly, many of us are lucky to have seen our musical heroes, but more lucky we are still here considering some of our youthful behavior! Keep ‘‘em coming.  
Johnny Nash has passed away
I remember putting on my headphones when that song was played on my home system and enjoying the synth and backup vocals in stereo, versus just FM in the car at the time- what a huge difference!   
Audiogon, meet Buddy Miller.
And for the guitar players out there, I googled Scott Baxendale - here is a link to his work restoring and greatly improving old Harmony and Kay guitars: https://staygoldguitars.com/collections/baxendale-conversion Considering the age of those g... 
Audiogon, meet Buddy Miller.
The videos were really great- thanks for the introduction to Buddy, his legacy, and his gear- all most impressive. I loved the Hofner guitar!  
Klipsch Cornwalls vs. JBL L110 speakers with McIntosh MC2205
hsbrock- there is also a good bit of JB Lansing info on this link: https://www.audioheritage.org/vbulletin/  
Klipsch Cornwalls vs. JBL L110 speakers with McIntosh MC2205
JBL no longer makes the L-100 series - I have owned the L100 Century (1971-1978 or so) and the L-110A (presently). The L100 series was (I think) the most popular speaker ever sold by JBL. The L100T was produced much later (1985-1987) and some say ... 
Klipsch Cornwalls vs. JBL L110 speakers with McIntosh MC2205
JB, Thanks for the validation on JBL! I misspoke when I said new woofers- I had mine re-coned so they are original. I was a McIntosh retailer from 1971-1975 and have a special connection to MAC. I had my MC2205 , C-28, and MR 67 recapped, new glas... 
Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?
Technically, the ADC brand did not get any traction until maybe 1977. They got out of alignment with some regularity, but the $50.00 spiff per unit was awesome for a brief time- I sold 50 units that month, which was a lot of dough in 1977.  
Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?
I was fortunate to go to work for a McIntosh retailer in Florida at the age of nineteen in 1972. We sold Pioneer as our opening price point offerings, and we had " complete systems" set up by price point starting at $499.00, I believe. For newbies... 
Pioneer PL630- upgrading the phono cable?
It is great- I am not sure my 70 year old ear could discern the difference in an upgraded audio cable- LOL!