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Where are all the Sason users
Anyone I still have them and for what good bookshelves go for these days they are the steal of the centuryUnfortunately most users have disappeared Any comments appreciated  
Where are all the Sason users
yes this is an old threadCurious anyone still using the Sasons in there setup Not much news anymore on these fabulous speakers  
Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
Rest in peace My condolences to the family 
Need advice on a tube line stage
I have a great Audioprism Mantissa that would fit the bill It's been fully upgraded and sounds very good 
Tube Preamp Recommendation for W4S ST 1000
I have a nice Audioprism Mantissa full restored with upgraded caps if you're interestedIt has low output impedence 220 my asking price is 1650.00 
Anybody use a good power cord on their chip amp
Sure I'm using a Zu power cord at the moment 
Amplifier for Dynaudio Confidence C1
Dare I say it Mac works well with Dyanudio speakers 
Decca London Gold cartridge nightmare
Paski Let us know how it works for youI'm will be going through something similar in my setup 
Best bookshelf/stand mount speakers
I think Ridge Street Sason's should be in this conversation as well Excellent stand mounts 
Does this speaker exist?
Duke You have some great speakers as wellTony M has great speakers too 
Kaplan Cable GS MK2 Cable review
PaulIf you have any second hand cables you want to sell let me know I need a few good power cords CheersPat 
Does this speaker exist?
I think a used pair of Ridge street Sasons are right down your alley from a sonics perspectiveThey also image like a bandit 
Tonian Labs
Tony M is a good guy in my dealings with himHonest and straightforward He builds great speakers 
'dimple' tweeter fix
My buddy's tweeter was pushed in and then immediately came out on it's own there is still a crease but not sure if any damage was doneI think these things are really delicate He's debating whether to change his tweeter as a result What do you guys... 
Best reasonably priced power cord for Lamm LL2
I have a Ridge Street Alethius power cord here on sale that might be what you're afterI can see this being a great match