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DAC upgrade suggestion
If you want one Dac to enjoy music for a while, rather than churning through experiments, get an Ayre Codex.R2R DACs are ridiculous - no two resisters are the same in the real world. 
Tube versus SS
OP must have truly awful speakers LOL 
Best DAC for around $2,500 or less
Ayre Codex, hands down!  
Power Amplifier Longevity
I'm with Erik. No AV piece made more than a couple years ago is a good bet for longevity (excepting Theta Digital).  The Anthem would be a nice upgrade in sound quality over the Marantz, as well.`One of the most disastrous adventures upon which I ... 
My stereo receiver is a little too bright. Can a cable help me out?
I have made the mistake of spending a lot of money re-building much better preamps (Conrad Johnson PV 5, PV 10) from the 80s and 90s because I felt I couldn't afford new. My wife got fed up, I saved some money and now I'm very happy listening to m... 
Another Analog v. Digital Thread? Not Really
In my experience, it takes a $6k DAC to sound nearly as good as vinyl, and a $15 DAC to really get there. I agree with others that this presumes a $2k table and $1k cartridge. I think I finally understand why. For many years the conventional wisdo... 
Diving into the world of tubes...help needed!
I'll double down on good luck with Chinese made stuff. They have zero quality control. The Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III is awesome! If you can afford $17k for a pre and $20k for a power amp, the Audio Research Ref 6SE and 160S are exquisite. If y... 
Time to buy a class D amp?
Just no. Thin and uninvolving are the characteristics of class D, plus noisy as heck. 
Purchased new speakers, need amp suggestion
Cambridge Audio at that price level is neutral, musical, NOT class D! 
got to visit Ayre yesterday
PS  Audio is not remotely close in performance, and not in the same galaxy in terms of manufacturing quality. 
Does my setup need a phono stage?
Clearaudio Nano would definitely upgrade your sound for $450! 
What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers
The best I've heard are Spectral and Ayre. Spectral does require MIT cable, or you will break things, but properly set up is sublime!I find it bizarre that someone would trust people with limited experience over dealers with decades of experience ... 
Under $3K streaming dac suggestions, Roon Ready?
The only thing I would consider is the Ayre Codex, plus whatever you can do for the streaming part. I ended up with the Roonb Nucleus, serving both the endpoint and core functions. It sounds fantastic! For me, the Codex is what transformed the dig... 
turntable choice
Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit at $599 including cartridge is high performance /$ on the modest end! 
Turntable Advice?
Turntables are MUCH better now than a few years ago - get a Clearaudio Concept!