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MiniMonitor 33lbs w/realistic vocals,not bright.
Usher 520's have been highly reviewed.I have a set myself and haved been very pleased.These list at $479,you can buy them used on Agon for about $350. 
Good "warm" CD player for $500
Jolida JD 100 roll with the tubes can really change sound significantly.I own 2 units hard to beat used $500- $600 as a deal.I run the telefunken gold pins in mine and am very satified.The phillips transport in these units are very good at this pr... 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Musical Fidelity 308A 
Need $1500 integrated amplification suggestions...
Musical Fidelity A308 intergrated amp.Hard to find but an excellent piece and great value. 
How make my Ayre system "warmer"?
On a budget, Jolida JD100, try some tube rolling to tweak the sound to your ears desire. 
Usher owners who chose 6 series over be series?
I have owned several Usher speakers and also like the 6311's,but they are in no way in the same league as the BE 718's for 2 channel critical listening. 
Need Recommendation on Best CD player under $1,000
The Jolida JD100 used at $600(Agon) is hybred unit with a tube output stage is a great player, add $250 for a great set of tubes and it will sing. 
looking for the best music CDR's
What not to buy, MEMOREX CD MUSIC these are very unreliable,I got what I thought was deal(at AMAZON) but it was not.The MAXELL GOLD cd music from Walmart seemed very good.I prefer a 1 to 1 speed recording and these never failed like the MEMOREX. 
$500 - $600.00 preowned cd player suggestions
Agon,a used Jolida JD100 is a great buy @$600 if you are not looking at SACD and want to experience the hybrid world of a quality(budget priced) CD player with a great transport.This is it! 
bookshelf speaker choice
Concerning the Usher speakers, look at a used pair of X 719's you can find them if patient between $800 - $1000.For build and sound they are a tremendous value,the finish work on these speakers are outstanding,if you are blessed you may find a pai... 
Tweaks for Toshiba 65HDX82
Have a certified professional calibrate it ,that would be a good start! 
Speakers small enough for desktop use
Look in to Swans M 200 2.0Google for info. and reviews I have a as new pair for $200 OBM includes shipping to CONUSA only Ships via FedEx reg. ground! 
RX-V750 or RX-V1400 for my new speakers
I have a yamaha rxv 2400 with manual and power cord only for $399.I own one my self and they are a great unit 
Integraded Amp
Music Fidelity A308 integrated,great product and bang for your $$$. 
Denon 2800 DVD Player - Advice pls
Sell or trade.There are several new options in the market place depending on your budget.The trend seems to be thin is in and bulk is out in the mid-fi arena.Tip! should be able to get between $175 to $250 for your unit if it has complete OBM and ...