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Breaking news jays audio has new speakers.
I thought he had an epiphany last year and was getting off of the hardware merry-go-round  
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
@ketchup +1  
Qobuz Issues?
Uptime reported a 31 minute outage today. Uptime report - Feb 8  
Parasound media event
@mashif Thanks for sharing!  
Steely Dan Aja cover
@roxy54 Yes, thanks. Sometimes my sarcastic humor is a little too subtle.  @tony1954 Great link/info. Thanks  
Steely Dan Aja cover
I see a black robe with red and white trim. All these US flag references are a bit nationalistic.  
Technics SL-1310 Mk2
I've got the SL-1610 with a Nagaoka MP-200 cartridge.  Same motor, platter and tonearm as the SL-1200, except the tonearm mount has no VTA adjustment and it has no DJ'esque features. It's been a great tt for the 4 years that I've had it.  
Technics SL-1310 Mk2
The "10" in the model number indicates a European distributed version. It also indicates that the turntable can be used in EU and in the US .... as the voltage is switchable. A plain 1300 is identical except it cannot switch between European and ... 
Will audio gear be ok in unheated house
@dill "when I leave in the fall for theft worries" - So you are changing your mind about this reason? Your quote left off most of the original sentence. It said: when I leave in the fall for theft worries, but mostly because I am not sure... 
REL .LFE input
Reaching into the cobwebs in my memory here, but, Doesn't REL have some precautions or special procedures  for accommodating high-level connections on Class D Amplifiers? Perhaps you've been there and done that already. Your Technics SU-G700 is ... 
Why isn't better quality used gear being made available?
Do you use eBay? If so, it's easy to save a search for an item or a brand name and eBay will notify you whenever such an item gets posted. Obviously not the place to expect a deal on a 40,000 dollar component... but a great way to automate fishi... 
Do people tire of audio forums?
@dekay I came for Kenjit and MC, but stayed for the free hotdogs.  
Does Qobuz work
I've used Qobuz on a 2i and the 2022 Bluesound and it works great. Sounds like a user account/login issue. Bear in mid that there is no "Connect" API like Tidal and Spotify have, so, instead of using the Qobuz app for streaming, you need to use ... 
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
The Sprout, mentioned above is on sale, however it is not a streamer.  
Why Streaming Service Sounds ‘Flat’ vs Tune In /Local FM /Radio Paradise
@jacobsdad2000 So your truck does not have a streamer. You stream from an iPhone and then use a lossy method like Bluetooth or Apple Car Play to get it into your truck's audio system.