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The time has come and I request advice...
+1 Roon - Innuos❗️  
Terry DeWick has passed
I hadn’t heard of him until now. What stands out in this discussion is the very positive impact he had on others. We are in short supply of upstanding people of character and skill. My sincere condolences to all of those who knew him.  
where I can buy tubes to my ALLNIC PRE (3A/110A and 3A/109B)
Two words: Brent Jesse  
McIntosh MC20 - 1960's - No Left Channel
I highly recommend Audio Classics, they have several excellent techs and their work is impeccable!  
Is tube sound vs solid state easier to distinguish using headphones?
When  I listen with my Pass Labs XA 30.8 in my system and then switch to my Wyetech Labs 300 B mono blocks, the sound becomes immediately more life like, warmer and engaging. It’s a revelation every single  time.  
Help me find a pre-amp
+1 million Backert!  
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
I have been extremely satisfied with Upscale. Their service person, Steve, is incredibly responsive and very helpful. It’s a well run outfit to be sure.  
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
I started around 1968 when my neighbor allowed me to watch him build a Heathkit tube amp. From then on I was hooked. For a long time it was a Sony receiver and Dynaco A25s, then Wyetech labs pre and power amp with single driver Brentworth Labs spe... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
Absolutely check out Backert! It’s perhaps one of the best hidden gems of the high-end audio market. A complete suite of balanced and single ended connectivity and a neutral yet dazzling sound signature. All tube and American made by a great desig... 
Streaming DAC recommendation
dCS Bartok Apex……..absolutely an endgame component!  
Lifting the Christmas veil
My kind of post and wife! Congratulations!  
Tube preamp match with Solid Stare amp
Look in to Backert preamps. Transparent sound and a great preamp for my Pass XA30.8. Wonderful people to deal with, American made and beautifully crafted.  
Streamer Comparison and Suggestions
+1 Innuos. I have a ZENITH MKIII and it’s been flawless. The Sense app seems to be the best available with a great sound, very intuitive and robust!  
Streamer question
+1 Innuos streamers are a great value. I can use it with Roon or with the Sense app at the flick of a switch on the Innuos app. They sound every bit as good as my dCS Bartok Apex streamer. It will be a great upgrade.  
Amazing Record/CD store in RI
My long standing friend, Chris Zingg, is one of the owners of In Your  Ear. Along with his two partners, he opened the first shop in Allston MA many years ago. Chris is a great guy, very knowledgeable and often has vintage hifi for sale at the Rh...