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Pass Labs Int 25 vs Int 60
I have FINALLY settled on Dynaudio Confidence C4 Platinums, and the INT-25 drives them wonderfully in my 14x23' room.  
Pass XA25 or Pass XA 30.8
The XA25 (I have 2, but using only one as stereo) drives my Dynaudio Confidence C4 Platinums REALLY nicely! Stereophile measured it's output at almost 180 watts. It's the most tubey, SET sounding SS amp I've heard, and I've heard MANY.  
Can anyone explain in laymans terms why your gear sound better after warm up
Jus duz. 😉 
Best budget streamer on the market now?
I second the recommendation for the nodke 2i. I have 2 of them and it is stupid GOOD! And, fwiw, it also does MQA.My other equipment: Modwright LS-100 pre, Krell kav-2250 amp, Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers.Good Listening!  
My expert tips on building a sensible world class audio system.
You're selling that? But you just got it
Wife?!?! If it floats, flys, or f*cks, isn't it a life cardinal rule that you should LEASE it? ;-) 
Do I need room treatments? floor plan included
IMHO - that room (if it's to scale), and your use of it and arrangement required because of your use, doesn't justify the expense of the equipment you are considering using. Use it in another room where it can work well. You can take a decent $20,... 
so what do you do when listening?
Get my girlfriend to blow......ahh.....err......the leaves off the driveway......with the leaf-blower! Yeah.....that's what she blows while I'm listening! 
Egglestonworks Andra original versus Andra-II
Is everything else exactly the same, or did something(s) change? Aren't the II's a little bit taller? 3 or 4"? 
You know you're an audiophile if--
When you make a good money-saving deal on a non-audio item and justifiably think....."Hmmm.....I can buy a new amp, speakers, etc. with the $$$ I saved!" 
AV Receiver
the Yamaha's are excellent! Not all have the 2nd zone feature, but you should be able to get a RXV1700 or 1800 within your budget. Good Luck! 
What's the best Blu-Ray player for 300.-350.
I second the Sony 350, but for Undertow, aren't the 350 and 550 exactly the same, except the 550 has 7.1 analog outputs for use with older receivers/processors that can't accept an HDMI input?Good Listening! 
your reference dvd
I've seen Chicago-front row-center live, and the Chicago/EWF (Earth, Wind, & Fire) DVD played on my 110" screen with a rear projector and 7.1 sound, is BETTER than being there LIVE!And I 2nd Zigonht's recommendation of James Taylor - Beacon Hi... 
Adding a subwoofer to a 2 channel amp
Get a Paradigm X-30 external cross-over (about $100=/- used here on Agon) 
Organizer software for vinyl lp collection
Mind saying what the s/w is for cd's/dvd's?Thanks!