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Vimberg Mino D - first impressions
I had a Marten speaker in past (Coltrane Tenor)...very good speaker, but I never compared directly to Vimberg and now I have different amps. From my memory, my actual system with the Vimbergs sounds better and more real. 
Speakers that sound great in terrible rooms
I think the most difficult problem do address is bass, and a DSP EQ in the bass region is a great solution. My room is bad for bass from 40hz downwards and I solved this with the Parading Persona 9H...I have a great sound now in my terrible room. 
New KEF Reference 5 speakers
Paradigm Persona are incredible speakers...Only heard KEF Reference at shows, never impressed.Persona 5f and 9h I know very well and compared against very serious competition, and I can say with confidence that Persona speakers are among the best ... 
Paradigm Persona 3F paired with Parasound JC5 /JC2
I can confirm that Persona needs warm amps/dac ... tube amplifiers are a must! My Personas 9h are powered by Aries Cerat amp and DAC ... wonderful sound! 
Paradigm Persona 9H - hard to drive !?
Here I am with a summary of Luxman M-900u sound with the Paradigm. I didn't have much time with the Luxman amp (only Saturday afternoon), but the judgement was fast and relatively easy. With the Luxman in the system, the sound is relaxed, but at ... 
Paradigm Persona 9H - hard to drive !?
I only have used tube amps with my Personas.Triode M845 - 50 watts Aries Cerat Concero 25 - 25 wattsTriode have a very good control in the bass but compared to Aries Cerat, the midrange is not that transparent.The Aries Cerat have a much more natu... 
Swapping Paradigm studio 100 tweeter to Beryllium
I have Persona 9h...and after running ARC Genesis software the bass is perfect...and this with only 25w SET amplifier. 
Aries Cerat SET Amps Concero 25 + PreAmp Incito S + DAC Helene - First Impressions
After 2 weeks of intensive listening, I can confidently say that the Aries Cerat system has the most natural sound I’ve ever heard.Probably Aries Cerat doesn’t have the tightest bass or extended treble, but it’s the most holographic, organic and n... 
Paradigm Personas: A First Listen
urbie19... I have to admit that you’re incredibly persistent ... your constant pollution in the forum continues. 
Aries Cerat SET Amps Concero 25 + PreAmp Incito S + DAC Helene - First Impressions
Another glorious night with the Aries Cerat / Personas 9h system...the sound is getting better and better.The voices are spooky real...I close my eyes and suddenly the singer is with me in the room.Any trace of hardness with my previous system is ... 
Paradigm Persona the right source matters!
It´s true that Paradigm Persona (9H in my case) is a speaker on the bright side who values clarity and transparency, but is a speaker that adapts incredible well to the amps and source.My actual amps are Triode TRX-M845 and CD/DAC is Ayon CD35-HF,... 
Why does my old CD player sound so much better than my new streamer?
After some work, my Antipodes streamer sound is very similar to local files / CD. Introducing a good switch between the router and the streamer was the most significant upgrade.    
Persona 9h vs S3 mk 2
It's almost 2:30 here in Portugal, and I just finished a 4-hour listening session. Are my ears bleeding? ... not even a little!I listened to a variety of musical genres. Alternative rock (Fink, Shearwater), world music (Dead Can Dance), jazz (Mina... 
Speaker recommendation for SET tube amp MASTERSOUND
You can try a more convencional speaker like the Paradigm Persona 5F.Absolutly great speaker to be drive by a tube amp.I have a Persona 9H with Triode M845...50w classe A SET amp....a fantastic combination. 
Persona 9h vs S3 mk 2
SimAudio Moon is from Canada...and Paradigm is also from Canada.It is probably a combination often used...i don´t know, only heard Moon with B&W speakers at shows.I think the new MOON 700i v2 integrated amplifier can be a fantastic machine. h...