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Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
The radians blend with the nano brilliantly, I to had the nano with the old tweeter for around 12mo before the radian upgrade was available.way more detail yet never harsh or bright. soundstage is much wider and taller. imaging is also much better... 
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
The old wiring internal is Libtec or Half Ibis. Libtec speaker cables had a great synergy with the MK4/08 Druids. The new wiring is Event which will look the same. Zu use the crimpon connectors as they feel solder adversely affects the sound, new ... 
preventing usb bus overload.
I bought a legato thunderbolt dock from OWC for my Mac mini. On sale for $139. This gives me 3 full speed usb3 powered connections but moreImportantly no I only have my dac on the minis USB. I also have a firewire800 2tb mini stack from OWC for ba... 
preventing usb bus overload.
I bought a legato thunderbolt dock from OWC for my Mac mini. On sale for $139. This gives me 3 usb3 powered connections but moreImportantly no I 
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
Chakster- I upgraded mine a few years ago. The radian is a huge improvement with the nano frd. I replaced the tweeters only and chose not to do the internal cabling or backplate. Sean said it not worth it unless I change my speaker cables to Event... 
Zu Omen Def vs Zu Soul Supreme vs Omega Super XRS
Box construction and damping differs along with the plinth. 
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
Zanon, I think stage 1 is a big improvement but get the hi pass upgrade aswell for the tweeter. It's different and blends well. I had Mundorf SIO cap and Duelund resistor before the new clarity cap and mills, sounds different with more detail and ... 
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
I did this upgrade before the stage 2. Changed the FRD and upgraded to the clarity cap network. More dynamic and wider soundstage was the immediate impression, all in all a great and simple improvent. The radian upgrade added amazing detail withou... 
Zu Druid MK4/2013 upgrade install
3-d imagery is one of the key differences. The MK4 was pin point when in the sweet spot. The upgrade still offers this, but with more detail. The soundstage follows you around the room a lot better aswell. Listening off axis is way better. The FRD... 
New KT150 tubes?
My amp manufacturer suggests 7000hrs for the KT120.....maybe the last power tubes you ever buy!!!! 
The 3 ports in the SVS subs are designed to be plugged with the supplied foam plugs so you can tailor the Ported vs sealed arrangements in your own environment. 
USB Cable with No Power
Elijah audio make one that's really nice. They also make one that has a separate battery supply for the USB 5v 
Zu Audio Druid MKIV Speaker Review
The mk4/08 are a fantastic speaker. I changed the frd to the HO frd of the souls and the magic was lost, I now have the nano frd and its back. I'm waiting for the radian tweeter to finish the Mk5 upgrade to my Druids.....If you do a couple cabinet... 
Low-Powered Tube Amp for Zu Soul MkII?
Talk to Sean or Gerrit at Zu, they've tried a bunch of amps with their speakers. I think a refurb Dynaco st70 was the top "Bang for the buck" amp pick along with the other suggestions here. 
Which USB to S/PDIF converter with Metrum Octave?
Check the new John Kenny converter, a big step up from the JKMK3 which muted well to the Octave.