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Best used TT for under $1k?
How long is a piece of string?It's ultimately an unanswerable question - far too many variables.Assuming he hasn't yet found one:That said, I'd suggest staying with a brand that has been around a long time continuously, has a proven record of serv... 
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
Adding the Naim nDAC and Pardo T-XPS.  I tried several others, the nDAC/Pardo are staying.   
PS Audio Stellar Phono
@firenze - Please post your impressions!  What's the rest of your system?  I had a Schiit Mani that was replaced with a Rega Aria Mk3.  The resulting improvement was substantial - as you'd hope and expect given the price difference. 
Next step in Turntable
If 10K is reasonable, try a Rega P10 or a Linn LP12 Akurate with a suitable phono stage.  I'd set the floor at something like the Rega Aria Mk3.But I'd still say just buy and enjoy more records . . .  
How much difference does a phono preamp really make?
For me, there was a rather massive improvement in going from a Schiit Mani to a Rega Aria Mk3.   
Thiel Owners
@tomthiel - I emailed Rob and he was kind enough to put screws in the mail to me.  I'd be interested in trying brass - just want to be wary of stripping the material the screws go into. 
Next step in Turntable
Nothing.  Buy more records and enjoy them.   
Buying advice
You could always try some speaker cables from Amazon based on Mogami or Canare cable. There are several that are under $100. No idea what they sound like, but it seems like a lot of people on different forums use and like them. Plus, you can retur... 
Best affordable XLR?
Blue Jeans Cables?  A 6 foot pair made with Canare and Neutrik connectors is about $72.   
Naim introduce a turntable - the Solstice Special Edition
Alan Sircom reviewed it in HiFi+ and thought the Naim table to be terrific.  FWIW.   
British Integrated Amps
I started with a Naim Nait 1, which was excellent for its day but over-romanticized these days (as is the Nait 2).  Fantastic with a LP12/arm/MM cartridge and a pair of Kans or Index2.  A couple of different Exposures were excellent, as was the On... 
Thiel Owners
@tomthiel - Thank you!  I'll get in touch with Rob - I'd prefer to use the intended parts, even if it is a screw.  It does have, after all, a rather important job - securing the woofer to prevent it from moving relative to the (very high quality a... 
Thiel Owners
All - Brief update on my new-to-me CS 2.2s: Moved to basement with a Meridian 551 integrated amp and a 596 DVD player.  They sound pretty good, though I noted a buzzing sound from the right speaker's woofer.  Turns out to be missing half of the mo... 
What is the #1 equipment want currently on your HiFi horizon???
In terms of actually upgrading my main system - an Exposure 5010 preamp.In terms of "just for fun," either Thiel 3.6s or KEF 105/3s.   
Vandersteen 2c vs Thiel CS2
@patresi - Funny - I just bought a pair of CS2.2s.  Was only able to listen briefly, but in my room/system they were very good - airy and relaxed sounding.  Need to wait for the pins and speaker cable from the prior owner; but I like what I heard ...