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Custom speaker grilles - wife acceptability factor
Great Idea 
6922 tube brands; the best and avarage for my SFL2
7308 where offered Valvo I belive as a factory upgrade.The 7308 family of tubes is a premium build of that family 6DJ8 6922.NOS 7308 will out perform most 6922 and 6DJ8.Maybee not all but the build specs are much better in the 7308 tube.I had an A... 
Buying speaker and amps from Canada to the US.Tax?
Ups is the Issue not Canada or US Law. UPS money grab. They charge you a brokerage fee. Rip off fee is what it should be caled. If its under 70 Pounds Use the Postal service cross border. I bought a DVD player last week took 7 days to arrive. I pa... 
The Heat Is On
At the same time you can wipe all your connectors clean with the soulution of your shoice. Clean the spades on power cords, all the speaker connectors/I alos make a homemade solution of 1 Part Fleecy to5 parts water. Put it in a spray bottle and s... 
6922 tube brands; the best and avarage for my SFL2
7308 your best bet. 
Shine-Ola and Novus CD treatment
Thanks, where can one get a sample of the product. 
Cocktail of choice when listening to fav music?
jayarr great call ont the Leffe, picked up a single bottle to Sample. I am on my out to get a 6 pack. 
Shine-Ola and Novus CD treatment
Is Silicone used in your product? 
I need to get suggestions on a high gain phono pre
Go with the Decware it has a 30 return policy. Try it. 
high-end vs. ultra high-end amplifiers
Buy a Rogue Magnum or Atma Sphere MK-60II.Both are killer amps and stand up well to products at 2/3 times the price.A certin dealer in Toronto would not carry the Rogue. It would have killed his 10k+ amp business. Those where his exact words. 
Upgraded AC outlets
Spec Grade Pass & Seymour. 
need help with vinyl
Buy The Disc Doctor cleaning system .It is the most effective system on the market. Elbow grease is required and if you use it along with a cleaning machine you will get great results. The machine is optional and not required to get supperior soun... 
Tube Neophyte
Try the Rogue. Go for a 66 to start. You can allways move up. You will spend up to 3K and not better this Pre Amp. 
Review: Coincident Speaker Tech Total Victory Speaker
I know they would just be to much for the 15' x 18' room I have. Though your right they would be a Life time Purchase. 
CES in Las Vegas worth the trip?
Fatparrot If they are like you no wonder people would have an attitude. Montreal is the premire 2 Ch show in North America.