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Review: Mcalister Audio PP150S Tube amp
How does this amp compare to the Thor amp you used to have? 
New Acoustic Zen Adagio loudspeakers
And, the verdict is .... ? 
placette vs sonic euphoria
I owned both, and preferred the Sonic Euphoria in a back to back comparison. 
Review: Aesthetix Calypso Line Stage Tube preamp
Bigtee, thanks for the info. What did Jim White need to do to your preamp? 
Review: Aesthetix Calypso Line Stage Tube preamp
I was just wondering if the newer versions of the Calypso with the change out of tubes has made a difference on quieting down the preamp? Are the changed out stock tubes quieter? 
And the winner is ... : Preamp vs. Preamp
And, if anyone has compared either the Lamm LL2 or Calypso to the Herron Audio VTSP 2, please feel free to offer your opinions. Thanks. 
And the winner is ... : Preamp vs. Preamp
Miked510, I appreciate your insightful comments. I recognize that all of the factors you mention play an important role in component selection. And, I recognize that the matching of components is key. What I am looking for though is an apple to ap... 
And the winner is ... : Preamp vs. Preamp
Kharma speakers. I am not sure about the amp yet. 
Just upgraded to the DK VS-1 Signature
Did you purchase from a dealer (and if so, which one) or direct from DK? 
Review: Great Northern Sound Co. Wadia 860 CD Player
I can also confirm that Steve Huntley provides quality mods, and is a pleasure to work with, having had him upgrade my Wadia 861 twice -- once with his Statement mod, and a second time with the SE transport. Each mod added significant improvement ... 
Do I Wanna Adona?
Thanks for the info. 
"will ship at buyer's risk and expense"
I would interpret this to mean simply that the buyer pays for the cost of shipping and the cost of insurance. The buyer takes the risk of damage in transit, since the buyer is the insured party. 
Any expericience with Nordost Valhalla powercord ?
Husk01, how about the condensed readers digest version of the review? 
Audiofest in Michigan Oct 9th and 10th
Which amps and preamps are you comparing? 
Sealed box monitor $1000
Try used Aerial 5.