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Aktiv Keltiks or Aktiv Espeks - Which are Better?
"Aktiv Keltiks or Aktiv Espeks - Which are Better?"Keltiks are better - no question. 
low profile tuners?
The Linn Kremlin is about 3" in height and it's LK box is small and fairly unobtrusive. The reception and sound is stunning. And they are going for around 1/5 of their original cost used these days ($1000 - $1200). 
Can someone give me an explaination re: power amp.
I've never understood why so many regard the efficiency of a speaker as a virtue. The most accurate and best sounding speakers I have heard have also tended to be the least efficient. Take sealed/infinite baffle speakers for example - you have to ... 
Linn Keilidh Crossover
Yes, I've done it a few times. - First, loosen the gold plated speaker terminal tighteners at the back of the speaker and let the crossover board (inside) rest in place, unsecured. (The crossover is mounted to the terminals inside the cabinet). -... 
Efficiency of speakers?
My experience has been the opposite.I have always found that less efficient speakers sound more controlled and have the capability to produce a more convincing sense of scale and dynamics. A good sealed box enclosure (infinite baffle) tends to be ... 
"Small Form Factor" OK For Media Server?
Hushtechnologies.comThey are a German company that really gets it. They build absolutely gorgeous, sleek computers that are virtually silent. The aesthetic rivals the best industrial design in the hi-fi business. They have models designed specific... 
Mute or pause whats "easier" on the gear?
With a stick shift it's best to ride the clutch, drifting back and forth as you wait for the impending green light. It works best on a slight uphill incline. It draws a lot of attention too, which is fun. 
Anybody heard new Audio Phyisc Scorpio's???
You know that window that asks you 'submit now', or 'preview first'? That is meant to be an opportunity for you to proof-read your posts.Ist ratherd irritatng to read postds with sosmany misstaks. 
Bang and Olufsen
I gave the Beolab 5's a listen a couple of months ago. I was quite impressed, despite the fact that the balance was biased to the left and the salesman could not figure out how to correct it. They are dynamic and have a good tonal balanced for the... 
Computer nerds, please help
Check out Hush technologies. It's a german company that focuses on high quality, small, almost silent desktop computers and music servers that look like high-end audio amplifiers. (They look a lot like the Linn Klout in fact - Mmmmm). They are als... 
Problems with shipping to Canada
I'm Canadian, and I end up going to Seattle to pick stuff up, because CANADIAN CUSTOMS are a pack of petty rogues. In fact I'm in the US right now picking up an architectural model that I had a friend of mine build. He builds violins, guitars, man... 
Better for Separates Newbie: Rotel or Adcom?
I would also recommend Rotel. I have owned a Rotel CD player (RCD 970 BX), and an integrated amp (RA 970). Both were very well designed and built, and sounded exceptional (CD player in particular). I would argue that this is right around where the... 
Why are audiophiles perceived as being wackos?
Pbb's explanation that "High fidelity is an ersatz", as convenient as it seems, may be a pretty good insight. Re-creating music via high fidelity equipment is rather sort of an ongoing science experiment to which there is no conclusive answer. The... 
Shipping to Canada? Don't use UPS
I spoke too soon - just received a bill from FedEx for the bike that I received. They want $90 - roughly half for brokerage fees, rest tax and duty. There is no easy way to buy stuff across the border. Canada customs is a pain in the arse! 
FM Tuner Antenna - what works best?
Which Godar would you recommend for use in a small urban centre, the FM1-A or the Model 2? Can these be placed out of the way under a couch?