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ACI Sapphire III Sensitivity?
Otherwise, Mike Dzurko, ACI's main guy, is still active on the ACI circle at audiocircle. Ask him there. 
ACI Sapphire III Sensitivity?
Mac Mini + 5.1 Processor + Butler TDB 5150 + Logan
AVS Forum has boards dedicated to home theater computer and for digital media servers and streamers. You'll likely find your answers there. 
Is HDMI worth the upgrade?
Can't you use a Oppo BDP-83 with its' analog outs to go this route? Do the new high bit rate audio codecs play over the Oppo's analog outs? 
paradigm servo 15 v2 for a small room.
Rythmik Audio would be the only place with better deals on a servo sub. 
Best budget speakers for near-field/small space
Ascend Acoustics do very well for near field listening. 
Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1s VS ACI Sapphire XLs
ACI is closing its doors and offering no more warranty or support. are people running Sierra 1s on tubes of that size or less. 
svs mts 01speaker
In that price range Ascend Acoustics are the better choice for speakers. The SBS sounds like SVS got it about 80% right in trying to copy the original Ascend 170. The present 170SE is a big step up. But, for a sub company with no experience making... 
Ascend Sierra 1 Reference vs. Era D5
ProAc monitors(Tablette?) sonic signature is what the Sierra 1s remind me the most of. 
Ascend Sierra 1 Reference vs. Era D5
The Sierra 1s are a much better speaker than the 340 or 340SE.They do both have a very neutral sonic signature. If you like the British sound they aren't for you.I haven't heard the D5 to give you a comparison. 
Bookshelf or Mini Monitor
Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1s is another good choice for this. 
Best speaker used under $1000 for piano rec.
Ascend Acoustics has free shipping both ways for a 30 day trial on Sierra 1s until early Nov. 
AV123 X-Static
"aven't heard much about AV123 in a while. Is this a case of no news is good news?"It is a case of most audio forums locking down AV123 threads about those "issues" to keep decorum. So, most people have moved on from trying to discuss those issues... 
Dream speakers and amp for an 11x14 room?
When a sub is handling the bass below ~80hz the ports do very little, allowing you to put the speakers closer to the wall behind them.For that size room you might want to audition Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1s. 
Looking for a good subwoofer
I'll second Rythmik for a music 1st sub.