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Zu speaker owners - do you have any gain issues?
Hi Downunder,What Cary preamp do you have? If you have SLP-98 then that is the issue. I had one before and it made a lot of noise when I turned the volume past 10. I suggest you may try a preamp with an excellent attenuator either mono or duo. Tha... 
Sun Audio SV-2A3:: Direct or not?
Average price of a pair WE 417A right now on ebay is USD$60-80. Whereas top line of 6SN7s are sold with untoucheable price USD$150-200 like Mullard ECC33 or rare TungSol VT231 round plated. To me WE417A is best choice of input tubes for 2A3 and/or... 
Sun Audio SV-2A3:: Direct or not?
I use a custom built tube preamp with the Sun SV 2A3, which I also mod to replace 6SN7s with WE 417A tubes. They sound perfectly awesome with spatial, detailed and sweet. 
What is the best DAC ever made?
Siver Eagle Audio Signature DAC. The DAC is built with Black Gate Non-polar capacitors and two 6X5 rectifier tubes, 4x6J5 output tubes with special C-core output transformers and a new model DAC chip. The sound is unbelievable musical and detailed. 
Getting SET
I have the Sun Audio SV-2A3 and now I do have the modded Midwest Audio 2A3 since I love the sound of 2A3 tubes. Even though your SET amps are fully modded you should look for an excellent high efficient speakers to match with them. I have had a ch... 
Sun Audio SV 2A3 stepped attenuators
Thanks Billy for your information. 
I need a quiet tube amp
Hi Tomryan,I suggest you should listen to either Silver Eagle Audio 211 Signature or 211 parallel Reference monoblocks. They are well built with all top components. 
Rectifier tubes?
You should try out the U52 (same version as 5U4) Osram or BVA as I used two pairs for my Silver Eagle Audio Signature monoblocks. 
SETs vs. Push/Pull
You got to listen to Silver Eagle Audio 211 parallel monoblocks since they can beat easily a pair of ARC 300 or 600 mkII. 
Personal amp evolution
1)ODL Stratos stereo2)Conrad Johnson M55 stereo3)McIntosh MC2102 stereo4)Marc Levinson 332 stereo5)David Berning ZH270 stereo 6)Cary 300B SE monoblocks7)Cary 805 Aniversary Edition8)Silver Eagle Audio 211 monoblocks 
Review: Argent Audio Pursang Interconnect
Anyone has any experience about the Pursang Digital? I am still looking for a detail, sweet, warm and oontrolled bass sound for my Acustic Art Driver 1 transport and Metronome DAC C20 Signature. Thanks. 
Cary SLP-98 vs. other high end preamps--C-J, etc.
I luckily got the Cary SLP98 with internal phono stage and oiled capacitors upgraded. I just bought the deHavilland Ultraverve preamp (also has one 6SN7 input but has a rectifier tube not diodes rectifiers) and would compare with Cary SLP98P. In m... 
Best Power Conditioner
For under $1000.00 I suggest you to get a bybee technologie signature model which I had before. I had used a lot of power conditioners but Bybee is a good one for the price (less than $500.00 used). Good luck. 
Cary SLP-98 vs. other high end preamps--C-J, etc.
I own Cary SLP-98P and CJ-16LS MKII. They have diffrent tastes of music. SLP-98 has more bottom end but less lush midrange whereas CJ-16LS MKII has an awesome sweet midrange when listening to vocals but lack of bottom end. I had CJ-17LS before but... 
300B Tubes - Which is Best?
I am using WE 300B in my 805 AEs amps(using 211 Amperex output) which make the sound way better than Sophia Mesh plate or Valve Art 300B.