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Quicker warm up advice for pass labs amp
If nothing else, I want to know why Nedlabs is incapable of using a lower case character. 
Small Speakers w/ Full Range Sound
Try some Totem Mani-2's 
Best Full Range Speakers @ Around $2000?
I would try out some Totem Model 1 signatures. They are sensitive to aiming less than placement (off axis response is just plain weird with them). They are wonderfully detailed though and are worth a listen if nothing else. The other option that I... 
Are You Addicted to Audio?
I haven't heard any myself, but Martin Logan's new company Red Rose Music makes ribbon hybrid speakers that might well be worth a shot. 
need recs for 2 way system
I would suggest those B&W 805's but if they are too expensive, buy a used pair of Totem Model Ones (Under a grand on here). 
Most overpriced audio component made
They might be worth the money sonically, but if you wan tto talk mark-up over cost, audio racks are way up there. 
upgrading interconnects
I think it is a matter of taste. Generally it is best to upgrade from the source forward since going the other way will highlight problems with the source (great sounding amp shows how bad the player is). This is not always as true with cables as ... 
220 Volt Ciruits
Albert is right about the signal. 220 volt is not really 220. The positive is 110 and the negative is 110, thus the overall voltage is 220 since they are out of sync. Youu can just split the line to get two 110 lines. I was posting because I wante... 
REGA Planet comparisons
I have been using a Rega Planet since it came out. I like mine a lot and do think it is a great value but I am having some power supply problems with it now which does not please me. May I suggest though that if you want something to tide you over... 
Levinson in Lexus
It is not 'his' sound system. It is by Mark Levinson the company. Mark Levinson no longer works there, he works at Red Rose Music. Lexus used to use Nakamichi, they were good, but this is quite the step up. I guess I need to bitch to BMW to start ... 
Amps for Dynaudio Confidence 5s?
I am a big Classe fan and would recommend the Classe amp (but do listen to the Krell too, they are both great, just different) but would NOT recommend the Classe preamp. Classe is much better at amps than at preamps. I use an Adcom GFP-750 and am ... 
Ayre V-3 vs BAT VK-200 vs Classe' CA-200
I love my Classe CA200/201. I don't know that I would recommend switching from the Ayre though. Just thinking price/performance I would hold out until you want to swap into a higher amp than any of those options. Right now, all three of those amps... 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
OK, you guys have convinced me. I am make a prenuptual agreement contract that says I can do whatever is neccessary to achieve sonic nirvana when I get married :) Better yet, do any of the big audio engineers have daughters? ;) 
Classe or Bryston?
Very sure, I have one of the late model CA-200's and the sinks are on the sides. Before buying I wrote to Classe to confirm that they did do a revision and they confirmed it. Here is the content of the email: Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 17:39:36 -0700 ... 
Good budget CD with variable out??
I would say the 67SE as well. I had one in a second system for a while and it was great. If you want, I have also heard that Musical Fidelity CD upgrade thing (the tube buffer) is a nice match witht eh 67SE, you might want to try that.