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Server/Renderer vs. Oppo's simple app
Slight correction to the comment above:Tidal streams directly to the DAC and not through the Sonica app.  The app is only a 'control point' (to use DLNA terminology).What you gain in simplicity by using the Sonica, you lose in functionality.  For ... 
What is the best used sub-$500 DAC?
Second the MHDT recommendation. I use the Renaissance II. Before that had a Heart CD tubed cdp and the Lite Audio DAC60. 
what is the proper protocol
Bdgregory,You are correct. I am making a legal argument (don't hate me I'm a lawyer). As evidenced by this thread, the expectations of most Audiogon members are clearly not in sync with contract law. If/when a dispute arises, most of these individ... 
what is the proper protocol
Bdgregory,The contract between seller and common carrier and the contract between seller and buyer are two different contracts.Just because the seller agrees with the carrier that he bears risk of loss as it relates to their contract, he does not ... 
what is the proper protocol
ViridianMay be you should read the FAQ more carefully before you comment. There is a big difference between "should" and "must". "Should" is aspirational but not required, "must" is required.Audiogon "customary practice" won't help anyone in a dis... 
what is the proper protocol
Bdgregory,You missed the first part of my response ("unless otherwise agreed to"). I guarantee that if you litigate the matter, a majority of courts will conclude that the buyer bears the risk.NT 
what is the proper protocol
Unless otherwise negotiated, the BUYER bears the risk of loss during transportation. Therefore, the seller has no obligation to reimburse the buyer until he (the seller) receives payment from shipping company. 
Power Conditioner for your amplifier?
I use the Hydra-2. 
CD Players With Balanced Variable Outputs?
Cairn Fog 
Yamaha NS-1000M
You should read Hi-fi World. The editor uses the Yammys as his reference. 
Need help with preamp purchase
B/c of the low input impendance of the ICE modules, there may be compatability issues w/ a passive preamp. 
quicksilver amps and preamps any thoughts ??
I used to own the linestage...extremely reliable, sounded best w/ acoustic music, jazz, and light rock. Good tonal balance...not too tubey and definitely not hard/bright sounding. 
How do Adcom power amps sound?
I have a 5400 w/ Stan Warren mods. I also owned a 555II and 545II. Go for the current models. The older series amps can sound bright/hard. 
Anyone tried Magnepan 1.6's with rock music?
To me, the Soliloquies sound muddy as hell. No speed/pace at all. But hey what do I know, I think the Proacs sound muddy too and lots of people love em. 
Amperex PQ 6922 vs Amperex PQ 7308
Gotta agree with Talon4 and disagree with Dekay. There is a difference b/t the PQ and JAN versions. I prefer the PQ