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List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
I second the Chick Corea Trilogy series (both 1 and 2). Also, if you Chicks’s Trilogy, the “Chick Corea Akoustic Band Live” is equally outstanding.    For those that like Miles Davis’ Live-Evil, “The Cellar Door Sessions” 5-CD box set will give y... 
Kimber Kable hero
I tried the Hero I/C’s in my system and didn’t like them (I even had the upgraded WBT copper connectors on them). In my system they sounded somewhat veiled at the top. On the bottom end was a perceived bump in the bass. That could be to your likin... 
Sat front row at the symphony...
You don’t even need to go to to an elaborate venue/symphony to appreciate that systems don’t speak the real thing. When my son plays his trombone in our kitchen it alone fills the room in a way that no system can. And even his trombone is a beginn... 
If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............
MrD - love your choice for the ONE album, and I believe I understand why you chose it.   
David Foster-Off The Record
Thanks Bob. I may check this out. In a documentary about Chicago from a few years back (it first aired on CNN, I believe) they gave Foster some airtime and from that, I got an appreciation for his talents.  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Within the Miles Davis catalog, “Get Up With It” is pretty obscure. And it’s awesome.  
Songs that sound like Dylan
Stealer’s Wheel “Stuck In The Middle With You.” Voicing always reminded me of Dylan for some reason.   
Opinions on Audioengine speakers?
I’ve had the P4’s in my kitchen system for a few years now. My kitchen is also a large family room. No desire to change to anything else, as the WAF is high with these. They sit on a mantle and as a result all listening occurs off-axis. The idea i... 
What Recordings Of Yours Did Not Age Well?
@mitch4t It’s value on eBay is of no interest to me, especially in that price range. But thanks for the info.   
What Recordings Of Yours Did Not Age Well?
Nirvana’s Unplugged In New York. I know why I bought it - at the time it was a new concept: take something hard-rockish/grunge and turn it acoustic. After all, Clapton had success with the same formula. Turns out it was just a moment in time. I pu... 
Jazz Fans-- Name some of your favorite, less well known recordings
Here are a few of my lesser well-known favorites (well at least not on the usual “Top 100” lists):Frank Gambale - Natural HighHendrik Meurkens - A View From ManhattanVic Juris - Blue Horizon Pete Mills - Art and ArchitectureSteve Khan - The Blue M... 
How do you think about Qobuz store?
@Dan - yes, when I attempt to stream an album downloaded from Qobuz (I always download wav format) through my Oppo 105, the Oppo gets tripped up for some reason. By that I mean: usually after the first song the Oppo somehow gets confused and eithe... 
Why Does All Jazz Sound The Same?
If all I heard was squeaks honks bangs and tinkles I’d love it as much as you do.  
Important additions
Weather Report - Jaco 
Kind of Blue SACD on a whim.
@cd318: Thank you for sharing your insight that the Classic Records release is much better than any digital version. There’s nothing to be sorry about.