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has anyone else tried Lloyd Walkers latest tweak
I have not tried the Black Crystal tweak, yet.So, I have no right to form an opinion about it.Judging from this thread, however, it appears to be 100% effective--based on the accounts from people who, actually, have tried it.None of the naysayers ... 
Best bookshelf/stand mount speakers
If you're talking BEST stand-mounted speakers, I would suggest what I have: Trenner & Friedl ARTs on dedicated Sound Anchor stands.$4k for the speakers. $750 for the stands. 
Summing up L & R line-level for dual subs
Some very low frequencies are, still, stereophonic in nature.If you have two subs, why sum the channels to mono?I guess I don't understand the theory behind this. 
Oldest piece of gear you own
My hand-wound Victrola from the '20s. 
Girlfriends and wifes, how do YOU cope?
I guess I'm lucky. My wife has as good a pair of ears as I do. and she wants her Miles Davis records to sound as good as they possibly can.The other day, she said to be, "Honey, I think you need some tube traps."And I fell in love all over again.T... 
How to protect turntable from children?
I have found that grandkids are the best excuse for a dedicated sound room--that is kept locked. 
Soundlab speakers...how reliable?
Soundlab is the one of the best-sounding, least reliable speakers I've heard.This was true of the A-1s, anyway. High humidity could cause them to arc, burning holes in the panels. They were J Gordon Holt's reference speaker, though.If you live som... 
MacBook Pro or PC soundcard
I've gotten best results from using an external USB to SPDIF converter (a Trends UD-10) between my Mac Mini and my tubed Scott Nixon TD2 DAC with a '57 Amperex 6DJ8 (Heerlen) and the upgraded power supply.What really improved things was ditching t... 
Cardas Golden Cross no longer offered by Cardas ?
Hi Mikey8811I guess you should take what I have to say with a grain of salt because I have a pair of the KCI Silkworm (not +) up for sale, right now.However, "warmth and body and. . . greater bloom" are the hallmark of any 24k solid gold cable.The... 
Anti-Skate dial-How to set it? + a bonus question
Thanks, Al,That's just what I needed to know! 
Anti-Skate dial-How to set it? + a bonus question
Almarg wrote: a good starting point for anti-skating adjustment, which can then be further optimized by listening, can be determined by observing the cartridge from the front as it is lowered onto a ROTATING record, and adjusting the setting such ... 
The New Clearaudio Ovation
I have a Clearaudio Ovation with a Transfiguration Phoenix.It, too, can run a tad bright.I increased the loading to 1k (250 is recommended).Problem solved. Try increasing your loading. It's worth a shot.Also, don't use the little discs it comes wi... 
Best single-malt Scotch...
21 year-old The Balvenie, purchased about nine years ago, is the best I have tasted.However,I have not tasted many. 
Your Worst WAF Incident
The worst story I know of didn't happen to me, but to a customer of mine when I ran a hi-end store years ago.A guy got into an argument with his wife and she ripped his SME tonearm off his SOTA and threw it at him.I was able to salvage the tonearm... 
How Many Audiophiles Have Do You Know?
I have never met another audiophile except at shows and stores--that I know of.However, since I don't ask people if they are audiophiles, I may have met some and not known it.I have been an audiophile for twenty-five years.