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Best resistors for use in phono stage?
If anyone really wants to understand resistor noise check out the public docs from LIGO- the Laser Interferometer Gravititational Wave Observatory. They had to deal with noise levels far lower than what is found in a phono stage. In particular... 
I'm at the pearly gates and they tell me I can only bring in one jazz cd
Bill Watrous - Manhattan Wildlife Refuge Been listening to it regularly for over 45 years and never get tired of it.  
What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"
End Game -¬†Who are they kidding? 
Can an unused cable break in?
MC, the parasitics complete the circuit. There are effectively small distributed capacitors along the length of the cable from line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground. For a 2m power cable I would guess these would be in the neighbo... 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
I still enjoy my 35 year old Tandberg 3006A with 3008A preamp driving ADS L1290s in my second system. Very easy to listen to. 
Can an unused cable break in?
One of the things that is different about power cords vs ICs and speaker cables is there is always voltage present as long as power is supplied whether or not the device is turned on. If the dielectric is the primary thing that burns in, it seems ... 
Basement finishing question
Now is the time to put in dedicated 10 gauge 20A circuits. Cheap now, much more expensive later.Also keep your ceiling height as high as you can. Much better acoustics. 
Old work electrical boxes
Oops, that should have been HBL5362W outlets. 
Old work electrical boxes
Just to wrap up...yesterday an electrician installed two dedicated lines for me. About 95 feet of 10/2 was used per line terminating in 2 gang blue plastic Carlon¬† old work boxes. Each box was screwed to the side of a stud using 3 screws. The dryw... 
Which Analog to Digital converter
In addition to the DA-3000 have a look at the more portable units from Tascam, Zoom, Sound Devices, etc. The interfacing issues I mentioned are mostly drivers not playing nice with Windows 10. If you use a USB stick to transfer files that problem ... 
Which Analog to Digital converter
Another option is a standalone digital recorder that records to a memory card or USB stick. This method eliminates a lot of computer interfacing issues that audio interfaces can have. 
An Endless Journey.
If a capacitor is failing it is probably an electrolytic type. You would need to replace it with the closest possible equivalent available today. It shouldn't be that difficult to find a replacement. 
Small Footprint SS Power Amps
Jeff Rowland has made a few over the years. The Model 125 is 13.7" wide. 
An Endless Journey.
Since the tweeters are still functioning it is possible that the problem is crossover related. The capacitors in the crossover may be drying out while the tweeters might actually be OK. 
Old work electrical boxes
stereo5, cissado, mktracy thanks. It appears I was worrying unnecessarily about the ruggedness of the old work boxes. Glad to hear they worked well for you.