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Has anyone tried Brass cartridge mounting screws?
I'm not sure how hard your screws need to be in this application. I'm thinking resonance is the only issue other than magnetism. In that regard. Does anyone know where I can get plastic cartridge screws? 
Lexicon MC-1; DC-1 Power supplies
Hi there. Have a dead MC 8 here. Anyone know if there is a fuse?Maybe on the ps board which I cant see unless removed which apparently needs an angular Philip's which I do not have.Thank you. 
Review: Emotiva USP-1 Preamplifier
Of course this was a long time ago.Let us know what you decided. 
Review: Emotiva USP-1 Preamplifier
Dan,Knowing the pre may be on its way i think a good replacement pre is a great choice.I think you can try the emotiva and if you dont like it send it back but in the meantine, send the conrad pre to one of the pros on audiokarma or a recommended ... 
Good and bad w/ replacing stock preamp jumpers?
I love these responses. I am also a believer in everything matters. I think some percieved differences in sound quality are very slight and may not even be happening and certainly not measurable. However, there is no denying many of us claim to he... 
Influence of DC offset on bias
Excellent read. I have an 80's integrated here that is very clean and shows no issues, but the left channel dc offset at turn-on goes to over 200mv and then eases it's way back down to around 10 like the other channel. Thing is, it takes about a h... 
New Zu Mission cable
Ok, 5 years later and here we are still seeing missions, libtecs, events and wyldes. Looks like Zu settled in a bit and even left the website alone for a while i think.I am thrilled with the company because i as a low income earner have had the op... 
Proton 550 Intergrated Amp
Absolutely. So how did it all come out.Did you find a competent tech? Great amps.  
Review: Cambridge Audio 640a Integrated Amplifier
Yes. I concur with nearly everything mentioned above. An extremely nice sounding amp if not a bit different. I think it is similar to NAD in tonality, but there are differences. I never seem to get great imaging with all the NAD amps that ive used... 
any laptop has spdif output?
My gateway xps laptop has a shared analog/optical output that rocks my world. What an amazing idea. I hear no jitter but it could be there. What would be the proper instrument for measuring and detecting jitter? 
Do you "treat" your speakers rubber surrounds?
I would say don't put anything on foam. Rubber however can dry out and crack due to environment and age. I see nothing wrong with treating rubber surrounds with something that will protect, lubricate and repel moisture and dirt. Sounds like this 3... 
Tuners that do it?
I second the creek. Amazing sounding british simple tuner. Sounds as good as many cd players. 
Review: Myryad MDP-500 Surround Pre
The harmony 990 does work with this unit. It sure does sound nice. I think the best way to set it up may be using the onscreen display which I have not done. I am hoping 2 channel from the 7 1 inputs is set for sub off but so far have not seen tha... 
Review: Myryad MDP-500 Surround Pre
Also waiting to hear on the remote, I have a Harmony 990? I'm going to try and post back. First impression. Awesome sounding pre especially using 7.1 analog inputs. Astoundingly good. 
Integrated Amp Jumpers
Nice post guys. I just gto done cleaning up an old NAD 3020 that may never have been opened. After cleaning it up and replacing the jumpers I am confident these types of signal/continuity changes do make cumulative improvements. I came across some...