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Lyra vs. Lyra
Ive had the DELOS for about a year and have heard the KLEOS as well in my system and others. The Kleos is quite a discernible jump from the DELOS. Kleos is fuller, more palpable midrange, more refined highs. The Delos is a great crat for the $ and... 
Bel Canto DAC 3.5VB MKII vs. Berkeley Alpha DAC 2?
would be curious if anyone has compared the two on a side by side -same system speakers.I would imagine both would be very good & its a matter of personal taste and preference that would win out. 
Kubala Sosna Cables - Reality Check
yes ks cables are warm cables but very refine, dark backgrounds and very refine midrange. I like them quite a bit. 
Bel Canto Dac 1.5 or Benchmark Dac 1 Usb
I had both dacs and the Bel Canto is far more musical than the Benchmark. Benchmark maybe more neutral and truth to source, the bel is warmer but i find it more bolder & musical.Th bel would be a better match w/ the brystons. 
Harbeth 7es2 vs Harbeth 7es3
Having lived with both speakers, the C7es3 is clearly an improvement over the C7es2. However, that said, if i already own a C7es2, i would leave it as it.Both speakers are great & either one is very very satisfactory. 
Sonicweld or M2Tech hiFace usb to spdif converter
Best one i have heard is the Weiss INT203 although that is a Firewire to spdif converter. 
Mac Mini 2011 with Lion or 2010 with Snow Leopard
Between the Lion and the Snow Leopard on the same spec machine which is a macbook PRO, same amarra version, same dac, same cabling, same songs, here is my observation:The Snow Leopard is more lively, more detailed sounding, sometimes a bit more ag... 
Oyen digital for mac minis?
Oyen is good stuff! go for it. quiet and reliable. 
Will Naim Nap200 be sufficient for my Magico V2
I would give them more power than what the Naims can provide. Vitus, Boulder, Soulution, Krell would be my shortlist of amps for the Magicos. 
Esoteric K-01
Has anyone compared the USB inputs of the K-01 vs the Coaxial inputs of the K-01 (using a Spdif to USB converter) ?Would be curious is the coaxian input is better than the USB inputs for computer audio.Thanks in advance. 
Has anyone tried the new Lyra Kleos?
I have heard of a few benz cart and ortofon but much prefer the Kleos and delos for my taste. YMMV. 
VPI Scout and Lyra
How about Lyra Delos or Kleos with Rega P700 arm and Rega P5 ? 
Has anyone tried the new Lyra Kleos?
Anyone tried using using the KLEOS w/ the Rega RB700 ? 
Mac Mini vs. Macbook Pro as a server
Mac Mini sounds better than the Macbook PRO for sure.I have both and the Mini wins all the time.Its more dynamic, more open sounding & just more lively.Hoewver, the Macbook PRo still sounds great with convenience.If you dont hear them side by ... 
Totem and Bel Canto?
The bel canto is a higher league than the NADs. Yes, i had nads and bel canto in my system.The bel canto are very quiet, smooth & very tube like. The midrange has tube like qualities of being warm & smooth, top end is also very refine.The ...