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Clearly an oddball turntable. Dual 1229 question.
Dual, was manufactured by… wait for it… Dual.  United Audio was the US distributor, Noresco was the Canadian distributor. Your turntable was a sales display.  I personally use a 1229 with a Grace 747 tonearm.  Properly maintained its an excellent... 
Where to buy vinyl?
I’m with Bourne.  Used first pressing are preferable to, almost anything pressed today.  It just sounds more dynamic to me.  I don’t need a “polite” pressing of Pink Floyd Animals.  I want it to part my hair when I turn the volume up.     N  
Love old receivers.  Sansui’s are my favorite.  Actually, the Sansui 4000 , might be my favorite.  Anything Sansui pre1977 is pretty good. But there are soooooooo many good ones to choose from.. Mac, Pioneer, Marantz, Tandberg, Harman Kardon, Ken... 
The fascination of vintage hi-fi: A Look Back
Yeah, vintage to me is mid sixties through mid seventies.  I guess I am old…   Norman  
I have owned just about everything Mac ever made between 1966-1979.  I like the  “Mac” sound and the build quality.. But the Sansui sound pre 1977, like your 771 is just magic.  I don’t care about everyone’s ’mid-Fi’ antics, and 30 wpc channel is ... 
Sansui 9090DB
Try   N  
What is the “World’s Best Cartridge”?
Ha!, the worlds best cartridge is the one I’m listening too now.  The others don’t matter. =) N   
Denon DL-302 rebuild thoughts
Well, it’s a nice cartridge to be sure, and you can’t replace it for the rebuild fee.  If you’re a fan of the Denon sound, (I am), then I would do it.  It’s a small price for the years of use you’ll get from it. Norman  
Re. Marantz Receiver Capacitors
If the unit has been in semi constant use, your cpas should be fine.  You can try and reform them if they look good by bringing them up slowly on a Variac.  I’m not a fan of recapping just because the caps are old.  If they are defective or measur... 
Vintage vs. New, Risk vs. Reward
I really don’t care when something was built. The sound is what matters.  Like many of you here, I’ve had an embarrassing amount of gear over the years and most of it ‘high end’. I can’t believe what I listen to now.  It’s all vintage and the soun... 
Sansui au9500 question
Shouldn’t the tape play be an input?  You want the Record output to access the phono and of course have the input selector on phono.   Thats a really superb sounding integrated.  If is meeting spec, you’ll be hard pressed to find better. Norman  
Best amp to pair with new JBL L-100 speakers
Looking for a reel to reel deck that plays NAB and IEC EQ
Pioneer RT-1050 plays both with 15ips, half track.  It also features plug and play head stacks, so switching from half track to quarter track is a breeze. I know for personal experience that these were used in radio stations and recording studios... 
? progress
If you like the way the Halfler Sounds (and everything Hafler ever attached his name too was very good), then that’s all that matters.  Who cares what someone else thinks?  I have some gear that’s nearly 60 years old that sound amazing to me, and ... 
Mods for HK Citation 22
Or, you could buy a 16A.  Amazing amp.  Get a second and bridge them for well over 500wpc. The 16a is the citation amp to have.  I miss mine… quite bit actually.  Pair it with a 17 preamp and call it a day.     Norman