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Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
My wife has never really listened to music much. She has a collection of LP’s from the 70s-80’s consisting of John Denver, Barbara Streisand, Joanie Mitchell, Janis Ian, Bread, Dan Fogelberg, some classical, some show tunes - several hundred reco... 
How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?
Aluminum foil.   BTW, I love cats… but I can’t ever eat a whole one.  
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
@rodman99999 Who asked you?   The OP asked if there was mythology involved, I accommodated him with the POV of an EXPERT/professional in the field. Sheesh. My background is in science/medicine. Questioning is second nature for me. We don’t T... 
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
A’gon site won’t let me post the complete link, but if you want another answer, some food for thought, try searching for gramophone-dreams-26-nelson-pass-harmonic-distortion. Of course, those among the audioscenti here who have golden or platinum... 
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
One of my favorite radio stations is local WTMD - Towson State, MD - college radio.  I grew up in the 1970’s listening to WUSF “The Underground Railroad” outta Tampa, FL, and KFAT 94.5 Gilroy, CA, then others like Bayern 3 München or whatever coun... 
Beatles vs. Stones
Never did care much for the Ruttles, more of a Stones fan. Besides, they’re different styles and of different roots. Not to mention the fab four barely made it a decade while the bad boys of rock and roll were still playing to stadiums full of ar... 
Totally Ridiculous....Auditions on YouTube!
😆   A difference is a difference no matter how small.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Miles Davis “Miles Ahead.” It’s the Waxtime 180gm release and sounds good enough. Grows on you.  
The best plug in filter ever!
If only your link showed actual results….  
The best plug in filter ever!
My bad, folks. I was under the impression that audiophiles were on the main seekers of actual, verifiable, quantifiable, information.  Yes, yes, “how it SOUNDS” is ultimately the goal here - but hearing is so different for so many people. Reading... 
The best plug in filter ever!
The best plug in filter ever!
@jerryg123 Thanks for this link. It’s far more useful than the preadolescent ad hominem sort of comment you preceded it with. But I’ve gotten used to the childish audio geekazoid insults one reads when often insupportable shibboleths are challe... 
The best plug in filter ever!
“Legitimate [test]data” vs anecdotal opinion (anecdotes are not “evidence”).    It’s why I put a link in a comment a few posts ago referencing ASR’s review of the Furutech whatsis. If you read (both past or present tense) it, you wouldn’t ask t... 
The best plug in filter ever!
Or not. i think I’ll wait for some legitimate data, not anecdotes.    
The best plug in filter ever!
@shkong78  thanks. I’m considering this (Puron) for my birthday next month.