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Looking for Sub to pair with Dynaudio Confidence 20s
Rogersound Labs was the first company I heard that had a subwoofer back in 1974. I have a pair of their 10S Speedwoofers and they pair really nice with my towers. I gave the 10S Speedwoofers a try first due to having transmission line design to g... 
Looking for Sub to pair with Dynaudio Confidence 20s    
Hegel comparison
Is there a 400 lurking around the corner?  
Clock vs Streamer advice
Innuos Fan here. The sense app is excellent. I have the Pulse Mini powered by a Zen Mini LPS. Use Co-Ax to my Pre/DAC combo. I couldn't be happier.  
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
My limited experiences with Upscale have been excellent.  
New streamer
I second the sentiment of soix  and joc3021 for Innuos. Had the same needs for Streamer only [no DAC]. Very happy I purchased a Pulse Mini. If you want to have a LPS for it, the LPS for the Innuos Zen Mini works perfectly. Connected via COAX to m... 
Class A, A/B vs Class D amp Soundstage
The Naim all-in-ones are not Class D, however. NAD does have all-in-one offerings with Class D.  
Class A, A/B vs Class D amp Soundstage
I agree with Erik Squires suggestion of checking out NAD Class D amps, but Zlone also nailed it on three separate items being changed by going to the CA all-in-one. Did you consider the all-in-one offerings by Naim? My Seattle Dealer carries both ... 
Focal/Naim APP forcing digital front end change
Hello all: I had the opportunity to tour part of Southern Europe in September and October and demo'd in a store in Portugal the Innuos Pulse Mini. The store helped me to load the Sense App onto my phone and left me to listen for more than an hour... 
Streamer Comparison and Suggestions
I've found the response time from Innuos much faster than others. I have the Pulse Mini using the Zen Mini LPS and have heard the Pulse [measurable improvement]. I would imagine the Pulsar is excellent.  
Is there such a thing as a good medium priced music streamer?
Innuos Pulse Mini  
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
Hi Mike: I'm presently working on prototype audio cabinets as I've started a bespoke furniture company after 40 years in insurance. I've been making fine furniture for over 33 years. My firm's initial niche is for those wanting beautiful furnitur... 
Streamer question
I, too, have gone the route of the Pulse Mini with the Zen LPSU power supply. I couldn't be happier.  
VANDERSTEEN dealer in Tacoma WA has reopened under new ownership
I've been there once specifically to listen to Vandersteen Treo's. They were more than welcoming and assured an excellent listening experience. Will be my first call when I have the funds to make that move.  
Why Streaming Service Sounds ‘Flat’ vs Tune In /Local FM /Radio Paradise
You also won't need a linear power supply and expensive cabling connecting power to the streamer as the Innuos Pulse incorporates a toroidal transformer built-in along with appropriate damping and separation. The Pulse integrates medical grade IEC...