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Do you think driver “break in” is real?
there is no way I would argue a point that most people believe as it sure won't change anyone's mind.  Whether it happened or not, my stuff never changed in sound if it did.  
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
Idris  Muhammad  "Power of Soul" Climax Blues Band " Shine On" Steppenwolf "7"    
Wall outlets
I agree with mc1969. The placebo affect can be an amazing thing, especially when there is money involved and other like minded people.  
Energy Veritas 2.8.speaker best paired to which amp and preamp
I personally am running a Mcintosh right now but have used a Kinergetics and started out with a hefty B&K and to be honest, couldn’t tell that much difference in the sound but I didn’t really do anything serious listening comparisons. Some of... 
Did I do a good thing or not?
I still use one of those I bought new way back when and also have the original stylus plus an album that came with it. Can't remember what was on that album but one of these days I'll dig it to find out. I do remember it had a pic of a tonearm wit... 
Energy Veritas 2.8.speaker best paired to which amp and preamp
I think either would be ok but since you can't have too much power for the most part and if you don't mind spending the extra money, go for the larger amp. Those are fairly inefficient speakers. BTW, my speakers are rated at 87db and have tried 4... 
Digital music questions
I use a Cambridge streamer into a Mac preamp and have it hooked up two ways so I can listen to either the Mac's DAC or the Cambridge's. I prefer the Cambridge for some reason. I'm using Spotify and have also tried Pandora and think they both soun... 
Burn in vs perception
These kind of threads remind me of "oil" threads on my motorcycle forums and to sound cliche, opinions are like a*******, everybody has one. And, if you want to believe there is an actual difference in sound, there could be, the mind works in mys... 
Tip for purchase new power cable
Personally, most people just don't want to hear anything negative about their purchases and most believe what they read about cables that they just have to sound better than those measly little stock ones, especially if they spend big money. What... 
After looking at a pic of your receiver, you'd use the aux input for your DAC  
He means any input like cd, dvd, tv, etc on the receiver that you are using as a preamp. I do the same thing with my vinyl and garage setup. Any input but phono.  
Determining exact power being sent to your speaker
What rrog said. I started a thread about that exact same thing with an old Realistic power meter and was so surprised I was only using a watt or two listening at a decent volume.  
Hooked up an old realistic power meter
My speakers are PMC and always read that they are hard to drive and need lot's of juice but am now rethinking it. All my amps are getting really up there age wise and have been looking at replacing the main one just to be spending some of the gran... 
One of the reasons I asked is certain products like say the McIntosh MC152 for example never has an open box for sale that Ive seen and I'd say that some have mostly likely been returned?  
Thanks mulveling, and that makes sense since I know they sell "open box' stuff at a discount.