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price of Oppo players threw the roof
Received an offer to buy like all the others here. Already have an UDP-203 and wondering if I should pull the trigger for an UDP-205 or not.Is the 205 significantly better than 203 for strictly 2 channel playback?Thank you in advance. 
Appropriate quality interconnect between Oppo 203 and Denon AVR? Suggestions please!
I have had good results with a Chord C-Line IC between my UDP-203 & Hegel Integrated 
to bi-wire or not?
@soix: can you explain what exactly you mean by bridging the positive & negative speaker posts together? i always thought you had to remove the jumpers when bi-wiring. 
Help me pick an Integrated for Tannoy XT6F
Thanks to all of you. Appreciate your input. The Bel Canto C5i looks very interesting, will definitely check it out. 
Multi format playback: DAC w/ DVD-A capability? Rip to HDD? Just get an Oppo?
Sony's Universal UHD player UBP-X1000ES is announced for Spring 2017 but there is no pricing info yet as far I am aware. It does play CD, DVD-A & SACD as per Sony blog. 
How good is the CD Playback on a Toshiba HD-DVD?
Darrell -I am using a NAD C542 thru the analog outs to my Denon AVR-1907 and I am using a basic SONY DVP-NS90V for HDMI upconvert to 720P and also use the 5.1 analog outs for SACD playback. With this scenario in mind do you think the Toshiba HD-DV... 
How good is the CD Playback on a Toshiba HD-DVD?
George -Thank you for your comments. I was very tempted to sell my dedicated CD player & the DVD player to put all the eggs in one basket, so to speak - mainly to reduce the clutter. I think I will probably hold off on that line of thought ... 
LPCM or Dolby Digital ?
GR & DB -I did some digging after I posted this question. Linear Pulse Code Modulation is a preferred format for music production because the sound data is NOT compressed like in DD. GR - as long as your processor can decode 96 KHz /24 bit dig... 
LPCM or Dolby Digital ?
Audioatitude -Thanks. I have a question - when I use LPCM all the sound comes out of my center channel speaker and very little from the L/R. What gives ? I use digital out from my Cambridge Audio 540D. 
VCR for analog TV as well as HDTV
I remember reading a while back about a particular model from Samsung that was hi-def VCR (Model DVDVR325) and here's an excerpt that might interest you -"While the CE industry and the consuming public have been putting all the attention on DVD, J... 
What's up with Meridian Audio ?
Thanks to all you guys... Kal - The ....co.uk site when you click on any of the links under the product takes you back to the under construction page!! I guess somebody dropped the ball on renewing the domain ??!! 
Best DVD Player for Under $200
Check this out - NeuNeo HVD2085 from www.neodigits.com .It was reviewed in www.hometheatermag.com and lists at 199.00. Best of all NO HDCP, 1080P on HDMI & component and plays all regions, most formats!! 
Cheap SACD Player?
If you are planning to plunk down a bunch on a high-end system down the line, you might want to look at entry level Pioneer DV-588A or a Yamaha DV-6XXX Series. The Pioneer and some of the Yamaha models can also play DVD-Audio discs. These are fair... 
Have you purchased from New York Sound ?
Thanks Rich & Oldpet you answered my question. Will be careful if I decide to buy from them. 
Have you purchased from New York Sound ?
Tireguy - Thanks for your quick note. Looks like they have good prices on the products but their shipping rate seems to be outrageously expensive. Somehow it didn't make any sense.