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Audio Mirror Tubadour V
Any updates on how the V compares to the III and IV now that they are broken in?  
Question/Help Needed: Boomer who is totally inexperienced with DACs and streamers.
It looks like the BlueSound has optical and USB outs...so would I connect one of them to the corresponding input in the amp/DAC?   Connecting to your built in DAC with USB will support higher resolution files compared to Optical.  
Question/Help Needed: Boomer who is totally inexperienced with DACs and streamers.
Yes, you can send a digital signal from the streamer (BlueSound or other) to the input in your built in DAC. And yes, control the streamer from a tablet or phone, and in the case of BlueSound, a PC as well.  And the BluSound Node has a built in DA... 
Question/Help Needed: Boomer who is totally inexperienced with DACs and streamers.
Since your Alexa device has a digital out  then you should be able to connect directly to the built in DAC of the NAD. From the link you sent, it looks like the DAC accepts USB in. If it does not have COAX in, then you may need to convert COAX to ... 
Streamer question
jzzmusician, you say you are accessing the Spotify and Qobuz apps from your iPad and NOT from within the the BluOS app. That's sound like you are running the songs locally on the tablet and sending them to the Node through wifi. If I am correct, t... 
What to expect if I import an amp and preamp from a Japan seller via US eBay
Bought a Luxman integrated from Japan. Listening to it now, sounds as wonderful as it should. I bought from Buyee Japan, my second purchase. Only paid about an extra $200 for shipping and import etc. A proper step down will not degrade the sound. ... 
Linlai KT88 experience?
@donsachs, have you had a chance to listen to the KT88-'s yet?  
HT Receivers Compared
What are you using the AVR for? Important to know. For Home Theatre they should be similar. Which is what sales reps will be thinking about when try and compare them. For two channel music there will be differences, but none of the AVR's will prov... 
Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers
At $1500 you should consider used. Sugden A21 integrated may work nicely. Well reviewed and lots of tube like qualities.  
Marantz vs. Oppo or Theta
For HT duty only, the Marantz will be great. Had one and now a Denon for HT. Same company, similar HT performance. And all the modern software/firmware to manage modern HT sound decoding is a plus.  
$300-$500 Cartridge for Thorens TD-1601 Turntable
My experience has been very similar to @knotscott in regards to Nagaoka vs Grado. I own and enjoy the Nag MP-500 and the Nag 50th Anniversary JT-80 BK. Both are wonderful sounding. I have not heard the MP-200, but based on reviews, it should be cl... 
Vandersteen & Denon AVR-X4700H
I have the X4700H that I use for HT duty only. I have tried its music capabilities. The speaker I used in these test session was more efficient (90 db) and a more linear load (8 Ohm with minimal dips in impedance) than the Vandys you have. Techn... 
External DAC?
Yes, DAC's matter and you can improve the sound to your liking with proper selection. Some will give you a wider more open soundstage, some will tame harsh recordings, some will sound different, but not necessarily better. I would search this site... 
Asking for members blessings on Nagaoka MP 300 purchase
I have the MP 500, have not heard the 300. But for a little extra you will never say what if. Amazing detail, wonderful separation. Perhaps the best bargain in analog.  
Counterfeit Chinese Cables
@roxy54, bigtwin is correct. I was referring to the silver plated version.