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Monitors for 14 x 20 Room
Look into the Totem brand, many good examples of smallish speakers that under the right circumstances fill the soundstage and are non-fatiguing   
Buchardt S400
Such as? 
Dedicated 20 amp circuit - Electrician laughed!
A dedicated circuit has been one of the most cost effective choices I've ever made, the sound stage becomes more defined and transparent.  
Feeling Tweaky
I'd change the Venom to a better shunyata choice and add better power cables through out your system. A good power cord cuts down on background noise and allows more detail. To me it's the weak point in your system. Having said that, seems you iso... 
Qobuz Special Offer
After having used Tidal for at least a few years, I find Qobuz better sounding. 
Revel speakers - dealer scuttlebutt
Recently saw Revel auditioned at the Rocky Mountain audio show and was very impressed.The performance to price ratio is more inline, without all the uber high end pricing craziness. They sounded great matched with a Levinson integrated amp.  
Buyer is claiming damage that was done by him!
If the shippers were not taped properly as the buyer alleges, don’t you think Fedex would have picked that up? Why would Fedex allow improper packaging through there system? The story doesn’t make sense.  You sound like a very conscientious person... 
Problems with Paypal payment?
Same here. PayPal has been great for me and any issues I’ve had have all all been resolved. 
Ultimate power condotioner
One of the best and least expensive modifications I’ve ever made is getting a dedicated line set up. It’s the best bang for the buck modification I’ve ever done. The transparency in detail in the soundstage, the sense of depth is noticeable.  
Best integrated/power amplifier under $6000
Lots of choices available. Are you flexible on new or used? What do you most want in an integrated? Dac? Balanced inputs? I like like Pass Labs, Plinius, Simaudio, Krell and Classe depending on what your going for. It's nice to have lots of reserv... 
Power conditioner and high end power cord
A dedicated circuit and a good PC from it are better in my opinion than getting a pricy line conditioner. That’s the best first choice for line conditioning.  
This is juvenile...
Norah JonesSadeNina HagenJoni MitchellMeredith Monk 
price of Oppo players threw the roof
It’s simple; if you’re on the purchase side one feels ripped off. And on the sellers side, it’s a great time to take advantage of having a 203/205 to sell. It’s all relative, there will always be those who feel ripped off and those able to exploit... 
New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000
Makes a 20K amp seem reasonable  
Oppo 205 guagers selling used units for twice the price...
For the record Oppo is a Chinese company and manufacturer with a US distribution arm in Menlo Park California.  They also manufacturer smart phones for the Chinese market.