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Montreal vs Toronto for Vinyl shopping
When it comes to vinyl original pressing and audiophile jazz is what I'm into.On a recent visit to Toronto I found Cosmos's west...a superb collection of high end rare Japanese pressings and original press jazz...Highly recommended.Sonic Boom is h... 
Beautiful Classical Smaller Pieces, duo,trio,etc
Quatuor pour la fin du temps ("Quartet for the end of time"), violin, cello, clarinet, piano (1940–41) Olivier Messiaen 
The State of Jazz
Audiogon forums are the only place where I see Diana Krall etc discussed as the state of the art in jazz. 
Grant Green suggestions
All the classic Blue Note recordings mentioned previously are great.There's a trio session from 1967 called Iron City with big John Patton worth checking out. It's funky and bluesy and intimate. It's been reissued on CD but sounds great on vinyl i... 
Gruv Glide - Do you use it?
Tried it.I found it left a film on the records and didn't improve the sound. 
Leben CS600 Owners - Help
Glad it worked out. I love the CS600. I had transformer hum with a previous amp and it was a deal breaker for me.I've been thinking about trying the Harbeth 30.1.Heard them with the Red Wine audio amp at the NY show and the sound was beautiful.Sti... 
Trip to NYC, What to do
Smoke. Intimate jazz club on Broadway and 106th street. 
More recordings like "The Trinity Sessions"?
Spending $ 38,000 dollars to record an album in 1977 is nothing to brag about. 
Best rock cover songs, list your favorites
Aretha's version of Bridge over troubled water.Or anything else she does, 
Can you identify this Jazz artist/album/song?
The song is I remember Clifford. It was written by Benny Golson in memory of Clifford Brown. It has become a standard.Unfortunately I cannot identify this particular recording.Sounds a bit like Coleman Hawkins.There are so many excellent recording... 
Danny Gatton & Joey DeFrancesco
Yes Iso that video at Gallagher's is pure brilliance.Danny takes 50 choruses on a blues, never repeats the same idea..... and he showcases everything that makes him great. Rock solid time, crazy whole-tone and pedal steel licks totally honest guit... 
Miles Davis LIVE in Europe 1967: The Bootleg Serie
It's definitely one of the most important jazz releases of the past decade. The DVD is wonderful also.The music on these live CD's is a revelation although if you're not already familiar with the studio recordings of this group and the stellar liv... 
Art Blakey experts please ... ?
Free For All (1964)A little harder hitting than some of the earlier recordings mentioned here. Blakey's on fire and he pushes Freddie and Wayne to the edge of hard bop and beyond while keeping it deep in the groove.Highly recommended. 
Art Blakey, king of the drums.
Free for all...One of the great Blue Notes of all time.... and Art's on fire. 
Who Are the Best Young Lions of Jazz Today?
Some younger players who are worth checking out include:J.D. Allen- TenorVijay Iyer- PianoSteve Lehman- AltoTyshawn Sorey- DrumsMary Halvorson- Guitar