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Good entry level cables
Lots of bass at walls, lack of bass in center of room/listening position
I had a similar issue.. Solved.. Do you have 3 way tower speakers ? if so, try this.. I first found the perfect toe in.. Then I placed 3/4 in rubber pads underneath the front of my speakers to tilt it back some..  Improved my bass a lot.. Sounds c... 
Do Audiophile Cables Matter? Here's PROOF!
Cables do matter.. Only price does little on how good the cable is or how they perform.. People are fooled all the time thinking the more you spend the better it is (for the most part).. Its the design of the cable that matters most..  Start with ... 
GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week
@lancelock   thanks for the update.. I have a feeling this is going to turn out bad for me.. actually just my bank account.. and my back.. Hope to hear from you again..  
GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week
Lancelock... cool. Please let me know what you think.  
GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week
Dang, what to do.. should I or should I not.. upgrade my 8 to the 16 ? killing me.. A lot of money 
ethernet cable to stream from router?
I'm using Wireworld's Chroma 8.. Very happy with it.. Doubt you need their 2 more expensive ones..  A/B'd it with some generic cables and it wasn't close..  
Which one to choose between two 80K$ tube amps?
crazy.. $80k for an amp ?? its cool that you have the money to spend but dang, you got to feel like you're being ripped off.. pop the top off the amp and take a good look at what's in side.. there's probably no more than $3k in parts (and that's b... 
Can I bi-amp my speakers with two different amps?
you should be able too.. make sure the gain in each amp matches or else one part of the frequency range will louder than the other.. 
Speaker Cable Compatibility with Amplifier and Speaker
Canare is another company that uses this rule 
Speaker Cable Compatibility with Amplifier and Speaker
A Bryston owner wrote an article about cables used in your system.. It was very interesting read.. I saved it for reference but dang I can't find it.. duh.. So  this is from memory,, all cables need to be the least resistance possible.. When it co... 
Bryston 7Bsst2 vs Parasound JC1
I had a JC2 for a couple of years. Very nice preamp. Eventually sold it, not because I thought I needed to get better, but because I wanted to try tubes. I bought a Manley Labs Neo Classic 300B tube preamp. Glad I did. Can't explain what about it ... 
Best way to A / B test amps? Use a switch?
bring them to my house 
Preamp connection to multiple powered subwoofers
Whats hard to follow with the crossover arrangement .? You split the  frequency coming out of the preamp before it hits the amps. Say at 80Hz. The upper frequency gets fed to the amp driving the R & L speakers . And the 80Hz below gets fed to ... 
Preamp connection to multiple powered subwoofers
the perfect solution is to place a good crossover behind the preamp.. the bass section from the crossover will feed a 1 input / 4 output amplifier, all output from bass amp being fed the same signal.. bass amp should be class a/b type.. in this wa...