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What should I do?
Jack You have given me renewed hope.I am 68 and was hesitant in purchasing the new speakers I desperately want.After reading your posts I was on the phone this morning completing the deal.Thank you and the best of luck with the 17 LS2 
Why are most High End Amps class A
Hi My question is:If Class B is the answer why hasn't it been done.And why does it seem that Higher End designers try to stay away from Class B with the use of Class A/AB 
top ten things you learned about HiFi on Agon
Need help with phono cartridge selection
You say you have heard plus and minus'with both cartridges. Neither will have value in the re-sale market.Therefore the simple solution is KEEP BOTH OF THEM 
Are There Any Good, High Power Solid State Amps?
Tvad nails it again.How can anyone make a suggestion without knowing the OP's requirement.Yet there are many responses here. 
Speaker for low volume listening with high WAF
Rickjames "Superfreak" sorry I couldn't resist.Look into the Penaudio Serenades.Very small footprint,full range and sound great.Good luck 
Raos cartridge
Nicecupoftea , a member since 2000 and this is your first post,EVER ???.Must be one hell of a cartridge to awaken you to this forum.Which Koetsu are you comparing this $350 cartridge to the Platinum ?? 
Penaudio Serenade
A member who is a now a friend happens to own the Penaudio Serenade's.He is out of town but I will inform him of your inquiry when he returns.I can tell you he loves the speakers.Myself,if I could afford them I would buy them.In fact I have been t... 
The best phono stage out there?
Perhaps everyone should be required to read Atmosphere's post above,prior to joining this club 
Shindo lab pre amps
Excellent,informative postings.I feel like calling my local Shindo dealer right now.I hope these posts answer all those who have asked "Do I really need a pre amp" 
Speaker cable suggestions for MBL 101E's
I thought these forums were to inform others.Zieman,Now your other 135 answers have no credibility.Why do some feel the need to self promote ?? 
Who was your first
I think it was 1960.I heard Maynard Ferguson's rendition of My Funny Valentine.He hit notes that very few others could. After listening to Maynard play I wanted to go back and listen to anyone else that recorded this masterpiece.That was just abou... 
Company loyalty- What has been your favorite?
I think what is even more important is the company'sloyalty to it's customers.John McDonald of Audience definitely fits the bill. 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
The mention of early Thorens TT brings back memories.I think it was the mid to late 60's.I was at the long gone Newmark & Lewis chain looking for a new TT.The salesman said he was selling his personal unit.A Thorens with Supex MC cartridge. In... 
VAC owners, sound off
My 90C is 15 years old and still going strong.It also has survived a move cross county and back.