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Revel Salon 1 mid range drivers
Sounds like the same problem Infinity had with the midrange they used in the prelude and intermezzo speakers where the neodymium magnet starts to peel and scrape against the voice coil causing distortion, the buzzing/scraping sound is easily heard... 
Infinity Renaissance 90
I agree with you 100% I liked mine so much I upgraded to the epsilon.The epsilon sounds a little better than the Ren 90’s but at a much higher cost, the two speakers sound very similar but the epsilon bass is more tuneful, the mid bass is quicker ... 
RMAF 2019 PS Audio AN3 loudspeaker
VIDEO FROM RMAF, AN3 LOUDSPEAKER  https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/ps-audio-an-3-speakers-at-rmaf-2019.883366/  
Ribbon midrange pros and cons
ps audio looks like they are using the neo 10 in their speaker 
Ribbon midrange pros and cons
I have a pair of Infinity epsilons that use Infinity’s 2nd generation High energy planar EMIT tweeters, High energy EMIM midranges and High energy L-EMIM mid bass drivers.These 2nd generation push/pull design drivers have greater dynamic range do ... 
Infinity Renaissance 90 or Vandersteen 3A (no signature)?
Infinity Renaissance 90 have way less coloration, I would put the Rens up against any new 10k to 12k speaker 
Infinity cs 3009
timlub Yea I am one of those people that don't like the sound paper cones.Paper changes it's sound characteristics way to much for me, they absorb humidity when it's damp out slowing down the cone and making it less controlled,  they can also ... 
Infinity cs 3009
timlub I don’t like the sound of those paper mids and woofers, to me they color the sound way too much, If you drive the kappas with a capable amp, Krell, Pass Labs, Threshold should do the trick you will be rewarded with great sound, I have also ... 
Infinity cs 3009
I would look for a pair of infinity kappa series speakers, they are a step up from the cs 3009 The kappa 8 and 9 will out perform any of those above mentioned kits with the right electronics, if you step up to the infinity Renaissance series spea... 
Infinity IRS Beta Room Requirements
If they are at a good price grab them, I use the adcom's for the woofers on the epsilon and k9,  the forte 4a amp for the top of both speakers, I switch it back an forth between speakers. 
Infinity IRS Beta Room Requirements
I have the IRS epsilons in a room that measures 19 L x 15 W x 7 H  the left side of the room opens up to a 10 x 10 room, I feel the room is too small for them, the Betas are even larger than my epsilons so I would think they would need a much larg... 
Has Rel fallen out of favor with audiophiles?
Looking for input: Best material for mid range cone
I agree with bdp24, planars are the only way to go. 
ascend sierra tower with raal or Focal Aria 936
The Raal tweeter used in the Ascend speakers is one of the best tweeters out there that I’ve heard, to me it sounds much better than the AMT tweeters used in the Golden Ear speakers that I auditioned. It sounds a lot like the one used in my Infini... 
ascend sierra tower with raal or Focal Aria 936
This guy has both of them, he says he likes the sierra better,.read his review here.http://www.avsforum.com/forum/89-speakers/2335977-newbie-review-thread-ascend-sierra-towers-vs-focal...