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Beck / Morning Phases
The vinyl doesn't disappoint -even better than Sea Change on MoFi in my opinion -quite a bit more relaxed. Awesome album. 
Devore Fidelity Silverback Reference.
I own the speakers 4musica mentioned he sold. Yes, the Silverbacks are "tremendously revealing" and they are "an open window" to music. The result is poorly recorded (compressed dynamic range, etc.) music becomes unlistenable and well recorded mus... 
Listening Chair?
Check out Lafer -I have a couple Kiri's and love 'em.http://www.lafer.com.br/recliners/default.asp 
Congratulations!I pair my Sinhonias with a Monbrison (I too am driving a pair of Devore Silverbacks). Knock out combination for jazz.I'm a huge fan of Shindo F2a amps (I fell in love with the Cortese years ago) and prefer them over the others I've... 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
I think you'll find your musical tastes will help dictate which amp is best.If you like big scale music (stadium rock/big band jazz, etc), I'd follow your instincts and be cautious. Big music loves power -and although John's products do amazing th... 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
Dirtbag -what type of music to do you listen to? 
DeVore Silverbacks
For what it's worth, my room is 12 x 24 and my S'backs are placed along the short wall. For critical listening I sit approx 9'-10' away and I've been extremely pleased. I do have a door opening (to an 8 x 12 room) inbetween the speakers -so it may... 
Hope for Pearl Jam's Remastered Vs. and Vitalogy?
How does the Vs. LP sound compared to the recently released remastered Ten? I found Ten to be a disappointment. Not awful, just not as full sounding as I would've liked. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Jessica Lea Mayfield Tell Me -produced by Dan Auerback of the Black Keys. Check out the review on Pitchfork (although I'd give it a solid 8.5). They did a very nice job mastering it too. 
Your best chair you listen to your gear
I forgot to mention the Lafer also reclines all the way back so the back of the chair doesn't impair listening... 
Your best chair you listen to your gear
After months of looking and trying out lots and lots of chairs at showrooms in Chicago and High Point, NC I finally bought a Lafer (Kiri).Not wildly expensive, well made, super comfortable, very adjustable, look cool, and don't take up a lot of sp... 
Please help, single input, multiple outputs
Perhaps this will help http://bryston.com/4switch.html.I have not used it, so I can't vouch for it, but perhaps it will help you. 
New favorite VINYL Album?
Notec -thanks for the post on Vedder's "Into the Wild". Pop culture often zips by me...I didn't even know about the movie. Great film, but even better soundtrack, and excellent album package. I'd always hoped Eddie would do something like this. Th... 
Are my ears just fooling me?
Have you heard Shindo electronics with DeVore speakers (with a good source)? 
Well Tempered Turntable Set-up
Is it an Amadeus? If so, what cartridge are you using?